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Friday, September 30, 2011

Does Not Take Much To Please Her

Out in the garden
picking the few red and green tomatoes
and another pepper
before the impending frost.
Going to make a couple of jars of salsa.
Never planted turnips before
always liked them
only when very small
Today at market one was purchased
to add to turnip greens
that I just finished eating.
Checking the turnips
in the garden
there they were
just my size
and ready to pick


the wild magnolia said...

How exciting, I am excited for you! Lovely new header.
I have always loved turnips and turnip greens and collards.

Thank you, One Woman for sharing.

Judy said...

I like turnips and parsnips--my grandma always fried them in a little butter. Not suppose to eat fried foods now are we? My grandma lived to be 95--guess it didn't hurt her any.

Sky said...

i hated turnips and the greens as a young person, but when i turned about 35 or so i began to enjoy them. i love the turnip root sliced thin and in salads as well as sauteed or even cooked in the pot with the greens. yummmm. so pretty, yours are!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Sandra and Judy, thanks for visiting "me". Judy never had them cooked that way.
Sky, I am like you. As a child I would not eat anything like this but as time goes by and now I love them. Prepare them like you :)

Sky said...

we prepare them alike because we are southern girls! :))