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Monday, September 27, 2010

September Ending

The last of my small garden - except turnip greens and herbs.

The first time I have been able to capture a bee on one of my flowers :)

Roses are still blooming
Miss Callie, you look so peaceful.

It has cooled off this early morning in the 50's and the weather is wonderful. Have errands to run and just do not want to leave the woods.

A slight rain, not much - but anything welcome. One Woman continues keeping her path through the woods clear of leaves, working in garden, writing and every now and then a good image.

Callie always knows when her mistress is going to town. She watches through the screen porch and trying to fool her does not work. She sees the bottle of water and a snack bag going into the vehicle. She always goes into her dog pen and watches as the vehicle pulls out the long drive.

She must just sit and watch for the my return - because when she is let out of her pen she immediately comes onto the porch and goes to sleep. A sigh of relief is almost heard "she is home".

Wherever you are on this planet - enjoy these last days of September.


Balisha said...

We woke to a temperature of 38 this morning. It is chilly enough in the house to turn on the heat, but we will resist that for a while. I have so much to do outside, but I started working on my space in the basement...where I paint and pot plants etc. I'm almost thing is to plant bulbs. Those veggies look so fresh and delicious. Enjoy the last of the garden.Have a nice day. Balisha

Judy said...

We turned on the furnace last night and it came on a couple of times during the night--woke me up as I am not use to the noise. I love these days of fall--the cooler air is refreshing to me.

Laura said...

It is such a welcoming feeling when a family member returns from somewhere to find our dog Ellie waiting (I won't say patiently...because any last bit of patience she may have displayed moments before disappear as soon as a car enters the driveway)her enthusiasm, her wagging tail that doggie smile and eyes lit up with love are a declaration of exactly how much she is willing to forgive her pack members for disapearing for hours at a time (whatever it is hours or time mean to a dog). I am thinking now that perhaps there is a process of forgiveness happening as we say goodbye to one season and welcome in another...we must forgive ourselves for all that we meant to do/be but did not/could not in the season passing, we must forgive the season for leaving us perhaps, before we are ready to move on...and then simultaneously we wag our emotional tails in anticipation of what is coming as the new season arrives...a happy dance of gratitude, rushing to greet this longlost, but impossible to forget dear one back into our world...and with the now seemingly new cooler air we take a breath and relax into the present.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Balisha and Judy, Not quite as cool here as your areas. I am at the edge of Tennessee and Kentucky.
Cool enough for me to have a long sleeve on.
Laura, your word are like a soothing balm to this One Woman.
Wish I lived near you where I could visit you and just listen to your words. Remember - Almostnotyet - I could say that in every area of my life. Have a good day!!!

lilalia said...

Is there anything better than seeing a dog reveal in the late afternoon sun? I hope you are having lovely days as well. In between the rainy days there are spectacular sunny ones.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

lilalia - thank you for visiting.

Beverly said...

It is here!!! Fall weather! I am sitting here with the window open enjoying the weather before I have to go off to work!

dr.antony said...

Was there a song..Come September?

Sharon said...

Those peppers look scrumptious. I can smell the "green." I know you will enjoy these last days of September. You were right when you guessed our temperatures were cool on Sunday. I have been able to do without turning the heat on, so far.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Beverly, dr.antony and Sharon - oh the weather is delightful. Thanks for visiting.