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Saturday, June 5, 2010

From Across The Water

Hi mama -
I just arrived at my apartment - it is about one a.m. tuesday your time....
no problems on the way over with my back or anything else - just got an email that I will teach 3 yoga classes next week - which is good.
I am also going to start language classes in a week or 2 - but only go once or twice per week -
ok off to roam about in the sweltering thai heat and stock up on stuff
love, Jimmy

Hi mama !

That book sent you sounds really interesting. So sorry about your infection - take care of yourself and I know you already know to take the proper medicine to get rid of it ! I am taking lots of vitamins and drinking lots of coconut water to lessen the stress on the body resulting from long flights and moving and such. Your new high speed connection is being greatly appreciated I am sure ! I am getting settled in nicely here - next week will start looking for an apartment to move into July 1 - a small studio near the skytrain most likely. My back is 99% better and even attended a really good class yesterday, less then 24 hrs after arriving - have a bit of chores and roaming about to do, but will space it all over the coming days and weeks - this month will get a physical and a new eyeglass prescription, next month teeth cleaning . Today am going to my teacher's wife's yoga class and then into downtown for some chinese food and then a mocha coffee at my fave lil coffee house near the university. In August may attend a 10 day meditation retreat on an island nearby - and will certainly do the occasional 3 day weekend meditation retreat - ok off to class - have a great day !

Love, Jimmy

An unexpected and touching gift received today - "The Meditative Gardener" Cultivating Mindfulness of Body, Feelings, and Mind by Cheryl Wilfong
Needless to say this touched me deeply. Mama

6/4/2010 - The more I read about coconut water, which I started drinking alot of here about a year ago, the more impressed I am with it - so healthy it can take the place of plasma.....ect....They have it at Whole Foods, but I have not tried it stateside. I start teaching Monday - did not take long to be asked. I will attend a 12 hour teacher training course one weekend per month, observe one class per week, attend 3 or 4 classes per week, substitute teach when called upon, and practice in my apartment some too. I have already been scheduled to teach 9 classes in the next 2 weeks - 6 of them for the owner of the studio. Just went and looked at the big mall that got burned down - most unfortunate - it was very huge and modern - I attended a wonderful jazz festival there in March - the newspaper today said they were going to rebuild it immediately - so that is good - also one of my fave old arthouse movie theatres got torched too for some unknown reason. Things are calm and peaceful now. There was a nice article, which I saved, in yesterdays paper about traveling by train around southeast asia - one can go from Bangkok to Malaysia and then Singapore for example and can book your own little cabin which someone comes to and makes up a little bed at night for you - I shall definately head north or south by train sometime soon - probably to Penang, Malaysia - I have to leave every 90 days and get my passport stamped so a train trip is a fun cheap way to get to a border and beyond. OK all for now - have a great weekend !
Love, Jimmy

Special Son,
Your email - welcome - this early morning.
It rained during the night and everything looks so fresh and clean. Days are so hot - in the 90's

I have a dentist appointment for crown this morning. Have rescheduled several times and need to take care of this.

You mentioned coconut water - I put that on my grocery list.
I read an article about it. You have never mentioned it before. The article shared how good it is for the immune system and less sugar then gatorade. Hope they have it locally or will get it at Whole Foods.

One Woman, sharing some special words


Tabor said...

Coconut milk (not water) comes in cans in the grocery. It can be high in cholesterol and some is natural and some is sweetened. I will have to look for coconut water. I remember nothing more refreshing then drinking the coconut juice fresh from the green coconut.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Tabor, I bought coconut water at the grocery today. In the Asian section. Will try tomorrow - did not know if I wanted it on my weak stomach - at bedtime!! Look it up...

惠萍惠萍 said...


Sky said...

hubby swears by coconut water and keeps it on hand, but i am not fond of the taste. it is filled with very good nutrition. hope you like it.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Sky, I like the taste and now drink some everyday. From another land - thank you for checking in and wish I knew what you were saying!!