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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Moving Forward

Two nightmare years
each waking in an ambulance, hospital iv's
you still cannot undertstand.

The one who created me knows
why I keep returning

I need to stop seeking answers and accept
all that happened

Wonderful to be home
will take several months to regain my strength and weight

Just a note of thanks for all the inquiries and cards.

Thank you to my youngest daughter Jamie,
constantly taking care of of many details and all who help me with much, Michelle, daily with me
Major who transport me places.

Thankful son arrives from Thailand in about 3 weeks

Trying to find a comfortable way on the new computer installed just before the last health event.


lil red hen said...

Ernestine, I'm so thankful to know you are back home, and praying you will regain your strength soon. We've all missed you!

PatK said...

This is a wonderful birthday gift for me, hearing from you again as I head into my next year of the ‘fourth age’.

Take your time to gather your strength amidst the awakening beauty of spring.


Pienosole said...

Welcome home! Happy to read this post. 🙏🏻😊 Sending many positive thoughts and continued well wishes. 😌❤️

Tabor said...

Welcome back and thanks for taking the time to update us readers. We have missed you, but understand if you cannot post often. Take advantage of watching your yard open its arms to spring...right around the corner!

Mitzi said...

So glad to hear from you.You are so right-God has a plan for you and he's not done with you yet! Enjoy your home and familiar surroundings>Spring will be here soon.

Rebecca said...


Wisewebwoman said...

So good you're back amongst us, I think of you often as I struggle myself with many health issues. And so little energy.

We will survive.

big welcome back hug.


kerrdelune said...

Welcome home my friend, doing a happy dance (more of a lurch really) that you are home again. Be gentle with yourself, rest and heal and think of springtime. Sunlight and warmth are not far away.

Mindy said...

Hooray, you're home and writing again!! Boy, have we ever missed you! Now that you're home and in your own nest, you'll feel so much better. Stay strong.

Carolyn Marie said...

So happy that you are back!

Barb said...

Keep mending. Being home to heal is always a good thing.

RITA LOEHR said...

So happy to see you are able to be home and back on your computer! Many have been praying for you!

Judy said...

It is soooo wonderful to see you again!!!!!
Being home will help you heal. I just wish Callie could be with you.

Sheila said...

Oh Ernestine, so happy to see your post today. I've been hoping to see you back and writing and feeling so much better. Happy Valentine's Day to you. Rest, relax, do whatever it takes to get to feeling better again.

MsGraysea said...

Welcome Home, Ernestine. I am so happy to know you are "with us" again.
I contacted Jaime to get your address, then got all turned around, when my children decided I needed to move to FL for the winter. Now it is 3 weeks or so until I go back to Cape Cod. It has done me a bit of good to be away but I miss Teddy and Lou (he will be flying in on FEb 25, stay 10 days, and then we will launch a 10 day drive back to the Cape.

Meanwhile, I have the flu or a bad cold. UGH. This really cheered me up to hear from you again....Love and good health for you....Marcia

Sallysmom said...

So good to see you back.

Julie said...

Hello, you do not know me at all, but I have read your blog off and on over the years. I am a woman in my late 50's and my own parents have been gone for 17 and 30 years. I miss them so much, but I stay close to some of their friends, who are now into their 80s. Your home is so beautiful and what glimpses I've seen remind me of one of my grandmother's homes. I love your attitude and your honesty about aging, family, nature, etc. So I just decided to leave a comment here and I hope you will have lots of good days ahead of you.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

oH, Julie, your words bless me this evening as I end my day.
Keep writing to me. A long way to go but making progress,
take care of yourself and bless you.

Bluebird49 said...

It's so good that you are back home, Ernestine! No place like it. I hope you recover very well and quickly!

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

I am so happy for you that you are home again.

Nan said...

So very thankful you are home!

Unknown said...

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