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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Another Update on My Mom

My mom in her favorite place...the garden! This was taken a few years back at a different home "in town" that she built. Her flowers are always so beautiful!

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! This is Ernestine's daughter, Jamie, again with a quick update.

My poor mom cannot catch a break. Winter has been tough for her the past couple of years. She got very sick last week and ended up going to the ER here in Nashville and was diagnosed with pneumonia. Please send her your prayers and positive thoughts. She was taken off IV meds within 24 hours so that is very good but will likely go to a rehab place again for a week to receive physical therapy before she goes home.

She also has a new computer that she was getting accustomed to as well and is having some vision problems.

She is amazingly strong and determined. I know she will be so happy to get over these health hurdles and feel better. She appreciates all of you so much.


Wisewebwoman said...

Give her my best Jamie and all light and love to her. It has been a tough winter for many, worst ever here but we try and move on as best we can.

Your mom is an inspiration to many and we hold her tight in our hearts until she is once again recovered.

thank you much for these updates.


Carolyn Marie said...

I have been thinking of her as I check the blog every day to see if she has written. I feared that she was not fdoing well. I am sending good thoughts her way and all my best wishes.

Pienosole said...

Thank you, Jamie. Sending a big hug to both you and your Mom. May the thought of so many keeping her in their thoughts,
prayers, and hearts help her to heal and feel some peace during a difficult time.

lil red hen said...

Hugs and prayers, Ernestine.
from Charlotte

Sheila said...

Thank you, Jamie. I check every day too, hoping to hear good news. Dear Ernestine, what a bit of bad luck, I'm sorry. I hope your week in rehab will set you back on your feet again, and that your computer starts behaving too.


Sharon said...

Ernestine and Jamie, I'm sending all good thoughts to you from Maine. Take care and take time to get stronger, Ernestine. We will be here when you are able to post again. Many thanks to you, Jamie, for keeping friends updated.

kerrdelune said...

Good thoughts and prayers flowing from Ottawa, and many gentle hugs too.
Thank you for the update, Jamie. Please tell your mum we are holding her in our thoughts.

Barb said...

Feel better soon Ernestine! In another few months, you'll see spring in your garden.

PatK said...

Thank you so much for the update. Ernestine is my thoughts. I hope her strength will soon return. She is a constant inspiration to me as she clearly is to so many.

Take care of yourself too.

Joared said...

Hope your Mom is doing well, benefitting from her rehab as she recovers. Continuing to send best wishes for her steady recovery across the miles.

Judy said...

Thank you, Jamie.
Ernestine--oh how I miss you!!!!!
Do what they tell you to do in rehab, so you can get back home and play with your new computer.
Us old gals gotta stick together!
Nothing will keep us down for long.

Yellow Shoes said...

Please give her my very good wishes, all the way from a wet and wintery Yorkshire, UK. xx

Sallysmom said...

Hugs to Ernestine.

Nan said...

Jamie, thanks so very much for these reports. They mean the world to Ernestine's blogging friends.
from her friend in NH

Beverly said...

Just seeing this. Jamie, thank you for the update. I will add her to my prayer list and hope she is back home soon.

Suemn said...

Thank you for the update on your mom Jamie. I wish so much for her that she regains her strength and health.

Gemma's person said...

Sending her best wishes and hugs.

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