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Sunday, February 23, 2020

The Way It Is - Eating

One who has loved to cook, big meals, baking, canning in her past and now has to rely on something brought in or simple items prepared.  The way it is and trying to gain some of the 10 lbs lost.

The new places are coming to town and at the present time what I am doing..

Breakfast is not a problem with apple and orange juice, yogurt, fruit, green tea and sometimes Life Cinnamon cereal which becomes soft with milk added, oats or scrambled egg with an addition
of chopped assorted peppers, onions, etc (helper chopped a lot and it is in the freezer)  sometimes
a frozen waffle I found at the market and keep in the freezer with blueberries or frozen cherries on it and Maple Syrup.

Also found online a wonderful Cinnamon coffee cake and a Kringel, these last me a month in the freezer, a small slice with my tea.

Anything picked up by helper usually is 3 meals for me.

A new small Italian restaurant, oh wonderful is their Lasagna, Ravioli, and cheesecake is divine.

A wonderful Mexican place with fish tacos, 3 sides and could not duplicate.

Also a homemade black bean burger with sides

These along with salads you can pick up and wonderful mushrooms, now what I am describing, each meal
is less than $10 in cost and makes 3 meals for me.

Always perfect teeth and these trips to the hospital and bringing me back to somewhat normal has
ruined my teeth and small partial I used has been lost (dental appt in 3 weeks)
So chewing meat is not possible.

I keep organic soups on hand, helper makes my pimento cheese for sandwiches and prepares
twice baked potatoes for the freezer.

I have fresh fish in the freezer and will cook soon.

I am trying to eat every 2 hours and make my own smoothie with an addition of fruit and protein powder.

I think finally I have a good plan and finally after being home not quite 3 weeks am going forward.

Trying not to be discouraged and still weak, but stronger each day.

My problem is not resting enough and want to continually be doing and cannot.

I meditate a lot and many prayers said in this cottage.

I am not afraid to leave this planet and seems each time it is near I am pulled back and have
questioned my maker......


Sheila said...

Oh Ernestine, I feel for you with your teeth and partial problem. I went through the whole last year trying to get a partial to fit right. I'm so glad that you're home again and writing. It sounds like you have a lot of options in your meal plans. And I think I remember that your son will be home soon? Something nice to look forward to. Rest whenever you feel the need, and feel better.

Tabor said...

I cannot give you any advice as I think you are doing it so very well. Your food list is healthy and delicious and I am a bit jealous. I understand your need for activity but be patient, it will all get better and better each day! You sound so good in this post!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Tabor, thank you, may write better than I feel :)
Sheila, yes 2 1/2 weeks, can hardly wait.

Wisewebwoman said...

Your food list is so healthy and you are getting back on your feet really well. And your wonderful son is coming and you can count the days now :)


kerrdelune said...

You are eating good nutritious food and getting healthy, and we are so glad you are!

Judy said...

Our Maker must have some neat plans left for you. :-)

Joared said...

The foods you describe are appealing so hope you continue enjoying them to get back those pounds. Remember — patience, patience, patience.

Unknown said...

I could totally relate with your story dear! I am living by myself and the way I see it, life is a challenge and holding on to things that are too close to our heart and spending the rest of our time in this place is what counts most. I looked up a Cinnamon coffee cake recipe following your mention. Cheers and do visit where bridal make-ups, wedding trends, fashion and style tips could be seen

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