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Saturday, April 20, 2019


I have always loved to iron
many would look at me and shake their head
when I shared.

Ironed for 5 children and my husband.  His shirts for years I enjoyed ironing to perfection.
Not a wrinkle, all clothes lined up and I would view proudly.

Married 63 years ago, lived in Michigan in a very small home with a basement,
washing machine with a roller to extract water, water into the tub to save water and reuse,
clothes hung on a line in that basement.

Oh my
I smile as the memory comes to mind.

Some homes later I hung on a clothesline outside, oh how I loved doing this, seeing the
clothes, sheets blowing in the breeze.

Later moved to the upscale homes and you dared not having a clothes line outside.
Found myself solo, built and remodeled a number of homes, aways a clothesline if not contested.
My country cottage built 10 years ago the home I drew the plan for, the simplest and I love the most I immediately put up my clothesline.  Several years ago had to stop hanging outdoors on a small slant of the land for health reasons, feared falling.
  I still hang some items outside on a rack on the deck.   Love the smell of sunshine on

For several years the ironing board in the upstairs storage room, this is where I would iron
on rainy days.

Missing my ironing board
I requested helper to bring it downstairs
placed it at the end of the
great room
surely out of place
but I do not care
last week I ironed 10 items
on a rainy day
and what a joy
I found doing it.


lil red hen said...

I used to iron a lot, but since the farmer has retired from teaching and wears work shirts, not so much. My daughter and I are the only people in our community who use an outside clothesline. Indeed sunshine and a breeze are the best fabric softeners. It makes me happy to know you feel like ironing again ~ just don't over do it. ;)

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I have hung out laundry to dry since being a newly wed, except for a very short period of time when we found and used a stackable washer/dryer. Took forever to dry and the meter was spinning like crazy. I love the scent of line dried laundry and actually enjoy the process of hanging and taking down. There is something so satisfying and relaxing in doing that.

I need to iron a stack of tops, I keep procrastinating. ;-)

Have a lovely Easter dear Ernestine ~ FlowerLady

Tabor said...

I used to love to iron, but now I hate to take the time. I grew up with clothes hanging outside and the smell of clothing from the sun and fresh air is incomparable. I do miss that!!

MsGraysea said...

I love this post so much. We have talked about the subject of ironing and hanging clothes outside before, and I so love hearing other people enjoy it, too. Alas, I can no longer hang my clothes outside because of rules in the neighborhood, but I sure love doing it when I visit LM's house, and we always sleep on air dried sheets!
So happy you are ironing!!
Happy Easter.

Sallysmom said...

As much as you are able, do the things you love.

Judy said...

I always loved hanging clothes outside and ironing them.
The girls little dresses with their tiny puff sleeves.
My husband Army uniforms--creases sharp as could be.
I even ironed sheets and of course, pillow cases.
I truly loved being a housewife and mother.

Joared said...

I was pleased to give up ironing as didn’t really have time with working and classes when n college and work after I graduated. Did enjoy hanging out sheets, also cloth diapers for babies when we lived in Ariz. I recall Mom had a mangle she used for flatwear — could sit down to iron.

Sharon said...

I like to iron, have since I was a young girl. Now I have the luxury of having the ironing board up all the time in my sewing room. It's hard to sew without an iron at hand. I hung clothes and sheets out for many years but haven't had room at this house for the last 12 years. I hang most things up on an inside line and a drying rack, but they lack that wonderful smell of sunshine.