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Monday, September 3, 2018

My Blessing

This precious baby boy born last December is my first great-grandchild given to me by my
first granddaughter - Jessica who lives and teaches in New York.

Collard Greens are simmering, not because I like them but because they are full of things good for you.   Was weary of broccoli and bok choy.
 I will use for stir fry at 5:00.   Next batch will put in the chopper to make smaller
as easier to chew.   Shingles still doing a number on this one.  I will add a handful of yellow squash
red, green and yellow peppers, and a few large shrimp and a dash of Soy Sauce when greens are tender.

A quiet Labor Day, not like the past with family gatherings and grill on.  Miss the smell of the grill
and charcoal burning, of all things, miss a hot dog cooked on the grill or on a stick over the fire pit.
Do not like any other way and drenched with my chili and covered with cheese.
Gives you good heartburn :)  Miss steak and chicken cooked on the grill.

With 90 degrees this one does not need to fill the grill with charcoal for one.

But a request is issued when family visit and cooler weather arrives.

'Some say

You write well

You take good pictures

and I reply "that is my mind

the body not doing that well.

But that is OK

I am still moving and doing a lot.''

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