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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Early Morning Emails from Family

Love this image that son sent from across the ocean
and one from my Jamie
preparing for sweet 16 party

Very hot weather
in progress


lil red hen said...

It's very hot and dry here. I'm worried we won't have much garden produce and the freezer supply is getting low. Rain comes all around us but for some reason we're missed. Flowers are suffering from the heat too.
Stay inside with the AC, Ernestine. xoxo

Rebecca said...

What wonderful peaceful the first one; Happy the second.

Tabor said...

Our AC has broken and we have been without for a week or so and will be without for longer until parts arrive and get installed. It is a gamble as the unit is 12 years old! Thus far the weather has been tolerable if a bit muggy.