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Friday, June 15, 2018


A favorite just bloomed.
Searching old cook books and my recipe books for old favorites made in the past.
Seems I am hungry just for my food.

Trip to market and have wanted a Butternut Squash,  Broccoli and Mushrooms. needed Avocado, a Lemon, Lime and
Orange jello for recipes with fruit and whip cream that I made when my children were growing up.   Also thoughts of a
Pineapple Upside Down cake, so simple and tasty, surely I can do this.

Also pulled out recipe for Alfredo Fettuccine, my crust less Quiche and would love to create
a fish Taco - he place in Nashville my son took me too, fish taco so good and has closed.

Seems Nashville is booming, construction on every street, loved this town I lived in years ago
now cannot drive there (too far) everything has changed and so many good small places their to eat.
Hoping in another couple of weeks when my driver is better we can take off for 1/2 a day.
Or I can meet my daughter half way and go into the big city.

Hoping this weekend I can make some of these dishes.
All of these creative cooking ideas, now need the energy to fulfill these thoughts

Something weird has happened, I always download my images from camera to a photo file
it seems to have disappeared and a lot of pictures that are not mine have appeared in my file.
and have deleted many......really do not have time for this:)

And my computer family has no time to help me......

Need to take trash off
trying to do a lot that I have not been doing
being careful..


Tabor said...

There are computer techs that can help. Initial is expensive, but if it is a reputable company they can help you straigten files and other things including making sure you have no break-ins to the PC. I hope you look into that.

Judy said...

How could other people's photos get into your My Pictures files?
Unless someone hacked in to your PC and put them there?
Better get it checked out.

Sally said...

I use at&t to fix my computer problems. It's 15.00 a month and well worth it.