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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Birthday Girl

The older of my youngest granddaughter's has a birthday today
16 years old and the memories are flooding of this special granddaughter.

Visits often her and younger sister in their early years and now their times are filled with
special activities and grandma misses them but understands the stages of life.

First image you at grandma's in your beautiful prom dress
and next
you as a toddler at grandma's in her old garden chair.

So many memories

Happy Birthday day to you my special granddaughter.

love you to the moon and back.....


lil red hen said...

Sweet!! My oldest granddaughter was 31 years old on June 5; seems only a while ago she was a chattering little girl. :)

Joared said...

Wonderful memories and photos you must enjoy of your granddaughter. Happy birthday wishes to her!