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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Early Morning

Up at dawn, drive out to pick up N.Y. Times (the best paper in the world) and the Tennessean
(not much in it.)  All through the years walked the long drive year round to do this but not now.
Might do part of it if black topped but it is River Gravel which I wanted in this rural home.

On the computer, first thing every morning to spend time with family, friends and sometimes
information looked up.  Most mornings begin with Kefir, yogurt and some banana,. This morning a scrambled egg morning filled with broccoli and some frozen red, yellow
and green peppers,  pot of green tea, slice of Ezekiel bread from the freezer put in nonstick skillet will add Pear
Honey and need to call friend and see if she has another jar in her pantry, so good and I want it
here for Jimmy's visit.   Years ago made my favorite Pear preserves but not in a long time.

I eat two meals, hearty breakfast and small 2:00 meal, Ensure usually in the evening and sometimes one during the day, add ice cream and a treat of one piece of dark chocolate  - they keep me going.   No weight problem, never had one and stay about 108 now and in the past about 114.

Soon I will hang my prayer flags, love seeing them blow in the wind.

I fill the small pill bowl, one a day vitamin, calcium, magnesium, fish oil, probotic, vitamin D,
cranberry pill and the pain reliever 8 hr from Tylenol and now started on low dose of
Curamin that was highly recommended.   All of this seems to take the edge off of the chronic
pain from escalating arthritis, all over the counter and only several prescriptions drugs
which are Alzufidine which is for arthritis and inflammatory colitis and told to take the
rest of my lifetime.   Now given Vitamin D shot once a month and told it may help with energy.
Seems like a lot to me but nothing strong or costly.  Will not do the many strong pain pills
recommended as they really drug me...

Blood work came back with just a few suggestions, inflammation a little high, nothing new
and told to keep doing what I am doing and do not stop.   Even thought my schedule not like in the past repeatedly told your diet, exercise,  weight and perseverance is keeping you doing all you do
 as you pass through your 80's   So much I do not like but am thankful as it could be much
worse....  Do not like the severe flares of pain and balance issues.  Will share love the 10's unit I use
it helps with pain and will continue simple yoga as often as I can do it.

My mind is continually writing and go over my son's schedule when he is here in this cottage
with me.

A health breakfast of yogurt, fruit, nuts and seeds and green tea.  Sometimes he will eat
what I eat, I like to vary from this to egg, waffle loaded with fruit and maple syrup and

He is very disciplined in the morning waking at 5:00 and reading for one hour before getting up
does the same thing at night before going to sleep.  I have tried this but so far just cannot seem to do it.  Want to get up for day to begin and too weary at night and just lie there meditating and praying  with my ocean tape playing until sleep finally arrives.

He does yoga for an hour each day, walks the country road 2 or 3 times daily.   I am always
concerned in the evening as it begins to get dark, I always keep Callie secured on the deck
as she does not wander from this property.
Looking forward to family visits on Sundays and soninlaw cooking on grill, maybe burning fire pit
and times he will take me to the big city for Thai food and my special bakery and anywhere else
I want to go.  Been craving a good steak and lobster which I love and rarely have.  He is so kind to me on these visits and just wish he was closer :( but he is so
happy with his life in the country far over the ocean and what more can a mother ask for...

Whatever food I prepare he likes and always ask him if he wants anything special, I like to
bake, some of his childhood favorites like Banana Pudding.   He will eat some but not a lot.

Need to stop writing, clean kitchen and want a morning of reading.


Tabor said...

What a great time for you now. Son and spring!

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Oh Tabor, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
So excited he will soon be here and so want to feel good

Wisewebwoman said...

I love these windows into your life Ernestine. You give me strength on my sometimes dismal days to be more like you.

So happy your son is arriving to treat his mama like the Queen she is.


joared said...

Sounds like you're ready for a most pleasant day.

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

WWW, thank you and I read my post this early morning and it sounds much better
then I feel hour by hour, guess I write in a better spirit.
Joared, thank you always for commenting