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Saturday, February 18, 2017


I wake really early, like 4:00 AM, like seeing the day begin and it is happening earlier. I open the blinds and get back in bed for a short time.  I love this time of morning...

This morning as daybreak begins I view barren fields and it is warm but sprinkling rain.
Wonder why these pale green walls look gold color in this image taken at day break.

Remember my first days in this cottage, one of my young granddaughter's spent the first night
with me.   There was nothing at the windows and I liked it and there was very little furniture
as home in Nashville still on the market and it was furnished for showing.

I liked the almost empty rooms and nothing at the windows where the fields and woods were
viewed by this one.

Last week a visit to rheumatologist and she had no new recommendations and would not do
blood work.  She said oncologist would do this Monday.   Just the word oncologist
gives me an uneasy feeling.    Dr. Means is so nice and caring and want to see if inflammation
level is normal and probably not with the severe arthritis.  She will check protein level in blood.    I do like that she always gives me
advice about a lot of things.    So will go Monday even though I do not want to.

Thinking seriously of not going to doctors anymore and continue following my good diet, exercise all I can
and trying to have positive thoughts and even though not like in the past, some quality of life.

Looking forward so much for my son's visit from Thailand in weeks to come.

Enough shared on this rainy day and need to do paperwork and continue checking on mattress
issue.   I was told it could be exchanged after 30 days, just do not like that I cannot reach them
by phone.

Notified that one so talented passed away yesterday at 94.  God Bless him, over the years he helped
me with 4 homes, so many memories surfaced.  He helped with home where older children grew up
and then when we moved to the massive home in Nashville, then when I bought the old farm house
and ideas with another home.   When you grow ancient, so many memories and many you would like to delete like you can with the computer but the mind is not that way :(  Like that there will be a small family gathering
in his garden  I like this and what I want with just my children and grandchildren....


Marcie said...

Perhaps it is the morning light causing your walls to look gold? At any rate, I like it so cozy and inviting. I like the habit of rising early and watching the day come to life. Soon, the world will be alive with birds and green and growing things. Morning light always reminds me of this cycle of the seasons; each comes in turn: morning and then night, and season after season.

Thank you for your reflective post!

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Marcie, thank you, think of you often and guess we have commented on each others
sharing for many years....

Pienosole said...

I too love the sunrise and the time leading up to it. It really seems like a sacred time. It is definitely earlier and earlier these days (of course :-)). I'm sending you warm thoughts and feelings of compassion as you await your appointment. May you have many moments of peace and joy till then, even if it can be a challenge.

Judy said...

I have blinds at my windows--pulled clear up to the top. I like my wide-open views too.

Wisewebwoman said...

One of your more profound posts. So much to think about and reflect on.
You know how to take care of yourself. I recognise my doctor as a drug dealer. He doesn't listen. He broadcasts at me and missed serious health issues I had.

Love early mornings. Love the Daws of new possibility and joy.


Nan said...

I've not heard anyone say what you did. "Thinking seriously of not going to doctors anymore and continue following my good diet, exercise all I can and trying to have positive thoughts and even though not like in the past, some quality of life."

I believe this.