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Sunday, February 19, 2017

So Good....

Just finished enjoying Jamie's chicken recipe

Posted recipe 2/17  Had most of ingredients and picked up spinach, rotisserie chicken and mushrooms, yesterday and I always change recipes, used white onion and no fresh herbs as did not freeze
in cubes last year (will this year as love fresh herbs from my pots) used dried ones which I do not like to use but added some flavor....

This is a winner.....and will have tomorrow also. (which is today Sunday)
So healthy with spinach, mushrooms, chicken, artichokes, tomato, olives
and much more.
Will be making many times as this one does not find a lot that she really likes.
This will be good in Spring and Summer months, especially with crusty Tuscany bread  from Provence in Nashville (my son will take me when he arrives in weeks to come) and a slice
of fresh Mozzarella Cheese

Kitchen is a mess and had difficulty retrieving Balsamic Vinegar from way back in lower cabinet.
Keep having someone help me reorganize staples where I can reach them.   If I get down on the floor
have difficulty getting up :)
Day begins
and the son of someone who occasionally helps me called and is coming this morning for a few
hours.   Will have him tackle some weeds surfacing and clean garage.


Rebecca said...

Oh, my taste buds are stimulated by the thought and photo of that meal!
What a great idea to reorganize/rearrange staples to be most accessible...periodical assessment AND action is so important as our lifestyles change.
Hope you're enjoying some of the sunshine that we have here in northeast Indiana. How welcomed it is!

Tabor said...

Can you bring a stool or stepladder close to your work area so that when you go down to the floor you can pull yourself back up? That meal looks so healthy as well.

Judy said...

I have pots and pans so far back in my lower cupboards I don't even remember what is there. Things I use often are very close by--still don't like having to bend way down to get to lower cupboards for the occasionally needed pot, though.

Marcie said...

Glad you found a meal that you can truly enjoy! Also, so glad you have a helping hand coming today. Enjoy your Sunday!

Wisewebwoman said...

Gosh that meal makes me hungry. Wonderful selection.
I am so glad your son is coming 😀