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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Full Lives

Checking in, weather continues with cold and warm for Winter.
Continual emails from traveling family
Chef granddaughter in Italy, love her pictures

The image on my header
is Jessica  my first granddaughter born in Memphis, Tn and now teaching in N.Y.
my grandson Gavin who lives in Washington, Tn with a wonderful profession,
In this image they were visiting me at the old Farm House, one wearing my jacket and hat :)
My oldest daughter, husband, and grandson Gavin now out west skiing and just received this wonderful picture which includes a childhood friend of Gavin's, they all look so happy.

My biggest smile yesterday and heartfelt love for my youngest granddaughter as I read her thank you note :)

Grandma, thank you so much for your gift of ......dollars!
It was extremely generous of you and am very grateful for your consideration.
Love you to the moon and back... A,R.

Her words impress me at her young age,,,,



Tabor said...

Thank you notes are such a treasure. Better than a phone call sometimes.

lil red hen said...

Now aren't those the sweetest words! They just fill your heart with love.

Marcie said...

Thank you notes are nearly a lost art. I am guilty of not writing them as often as I should. We could all learn something from your young granddaughter!

Judy said...

I love thank you notes and notes with photos from the grand kids. Their mother's taught them right, didn't they? (which means we did something right in teaching their mothers.) LOL

joared said...

Treasured photos and handwritten notes to save, maybe return to them in the future which will have special meaning to them then, too.