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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Test

6:00 this morning a driver took me to the Sarah Cannon Cancer Center at Centennial Medical in
Nashville, Tennessee.  He did what I asked, we took the back roads which I love.
No traffic and no accident delays like on the interstate.   I will no longer drive the interstate around
Nashville, it is horrid with so much traffic and this was the high traffic time.

We arrive and waited about 15 minutes and lead into a small room.   The nurse was so nice and immediately
made me feel at ease.  Shared about the Bone Marrow Biopsy and told me as she performed
she would be explaining the procedure every step of the way.

I originally was going to go with Morphine and Ativan but after she shared how medicated I would be,  would need someone with me at home until medication wore off and finally since
I was petite, no fat in the area where needle would go in my hip and that a plus,  Made the decision hesitantly
to just go with area being numbed.    Was told the painful part was when she extracted the
bone marrow, 2 teaspoons full.

I was not brave, very frightened of the anticipated pain,

My Jamie was with me and at the most painful part she was squeezing my hand as her mama

I was so embarrassed about losing it, and with extraction - screamed loudly
but was told that at this time
many people curse :) and scream
I did not curse since  is not a part of my vocabulary.

I kept hearing words of how proud everyone was of me
for not using extreme pain relieving drugs with this procedure.

So home and no pain in the extraction area on my hip, just my normal all over body pain and just very tired as have not slept for 2 nights dreading this procedure.

Will have results in about 10 days
and told rheumatoid arthritis shows the same level as cancer of the bones.
Trying not to get out my crystal ball
predicting the results

Hope all of this makes since
and so glad this procedure is over...


Sallysmom said...

Glad to hear this is over. Try to rest.

Marcie said...

Glad you posted this update; have been thinking of you. I'm so glad your Jamie was with you. Sending love and good energy continually your way.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Dear, dear Ernestine ~ I am so glad you had Jamie with you!! Also glad you did not have the strong drugs but I'm sorry you had to endure that pain. Bless your heart!

Love, hugs and prayers ~ FlowerLady

Rebecca said...

What a brave choice!
Fill the next 10 (9?) days with beauty.
Breathe, laugh and "be".

Pienosole said...

I'd heard this was extremely painful and admire your courage for making the decision not to take the drugs. I continue to send you supportive, peaceful thoughts, deep breaths, and hugs. :-)

Tabor said...

Screaming is good in that is shows you are a fighter and that they know you have the energy to tell them your pain. I am so glad this is over and you ARE brave and there is nothing like a hand squeeze when you go through that.

Judy said...

I have heard how painful this procedure is and I was so scared for you and the pain. If I ever have to have it done, I will go with the Versed or Fentenyl in my arm to put me out!!!
I am NOT brave! I'm so glad that is over for you!

Beverly said...

I am so glad this is over. You are very brave! Since my computer died, I hardly get a chance to check on you. I hope you get good results! I don't think I have your email anymore. Every time I post on blog, I get an invalid email alert, so I hope you get my comments. Take care of yourself!

PatK said...

Ouch!!! But you made it through. Good for you. Now rest and enjoy the lovely sights that surround your home. I enjoy being reminded of Southern seasons.

sheila said...

Sending you love and good wishes for a good outcome of this awful test. I think you are very brave too.

lil red hen said...

Hugs for you, Ernestine, and will be thinking of you while you wait to hear the results.

Sky said...

last time I had a painful procedure without being put to sleep, I cursed terribly, screamed loudly, and threatened more than once to leave the hospital! good for you!