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Sunday, August 14, 2016

A Day of Thankfulness

My Jamie's family arrived, Alan grilled hamburgers with blue cheese on top.   Mom
made a big salad, fresh sweet tea and the best Carrot Cake I ordered from a friend.

Amelia, my youngest GD must be the sweetest child on this earth.  Many "I love you Grandma"
and many hugs.  Showed me her cheer leading routine and yes she will be in the air
"Lord please do not let fall."    Caitlin excited about soccer at her new school.

They have left for visit to Alan's parents and Jamie will take me to specialist in the morning,
filled out so many papers for me and I thank her.

Images today... peaches, tomato's and homemade peach preserves from near by fruit stand.
Also my Tuscany bread that Beth brought yesterday.
serene room at dawn and view from the screen porch

A painting I have had for over 50 years
for the birthday girl...
My skin so thin
and bruising easily
but several hours ago bumped against something
and looks like something sliced some skin off - hopefully it heals...

A life for many years
well lived
continues in a cottage, down a gravel road  by the woods
and must be the most peaceful place on the planet...


Wisewebwoman said...

Can't tell you how much I love this post if I forget the parts about your skin😩. The bed is delicious. The basket a still life.
Enjoy your girls....

Marcie said...

The room is serene, as is your post. Sending healing thoughts and loving energy toward you. Love your banner photo!

PatK said...

Enjoy those hugs. Not all grandkids today know how to express themselves this way, though I suspect it is because they want to connect in less obvious ways like drawings and paintings. But hugs are lovely!!

Rebecca said...

What a beautiful serene well as scene out the patio door. My mouth waters in response to the mention of those peaches and the sight of the bread.
The generous gift of that beautiful painting will be cherished, I'm sure.
Your "cup" IS "running over", and it's pleasant to hear of it ♥

Pienosole said...

Thinking of you this morning and wishing you all the best for your appointment. Many hugs! :-)

Carolyn Marie said...

It is peaceful place because you are peaceful.

Tabor said...

Bless you. I love your acceptance of this time in your life, as it prepares me for when I also will pass through such challenges. It happens to us all, if we are lucky and not kicked out too soon!

lil red hen said...

I also bruise easily; most of the time I won't even know I've bumped something hard enough to make a purple spot and then just see it. I suppose some would think the spots are ugly, but I think of them as "working hands" spots.
Take care!