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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tuesday Very Early

Last night I could not fall asleep, got up and remembered premier of "Super Girl"
now this one watches a little news weather and PBS, all very seldom.
This was a new experience up this late watching a film that I know my little granddaughter's
were watching.   Also I had a bowl of potato chips cooked in coconut oil and 2 cookies
and a glass of milk as I watch away - thinking "weight you have to come on with this snack
Now this is something I have not done in many many years
but thoroughly enjoyed and immediately fell asleep after this excitement.

An all night a soft rain and continues through the day.   I love it and it is not going to stop
me from a 5 minutes drive in the old truck to take of trash.   This is the day they are open
from 6 AM until 10:00.

Yesterday Callie was returned from trimming, it is around the corner and young man
brought her up on the screen porch and asked me what is that stunning flower in full bloom
Rain and some cooler weather has not stopped this vine.
or the only rose bush left by terrace
Yesterday I copied this image
as it is what I want at this time
"open shelves"  too late to do
but I am taking glass doors off some of the cabinets
Also just discovered
this, another gift from visiting daughter.
I use Chia seeds and Flax seeds, love coconut
and will try this product this morning on my oates :)
Day begins
still dark outside
and need
to turn my friend,
the link to the outside world
and family


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

You sounds good dear Ernestine. Your flowers are oh so lovely and that mix for your cereal sounds yummy.

Have a lovely day ~ FlowerLady

Wisewebwoman said...

I read the shell seekers years ago, they made a disappointing movie out of it too, I think with Vanessa Redgrave.

I am struggling with Ansa so much, I have to lift her by the back end as she keeps finding these spaces on my wood floors to park, so many rugs down and she avoids them all. You should see us two old dogs helping each other.

Lovely flowers and photos of your space.


Tabor said...

My clematis also gave out a few lovely last blooms but is not brown and should be cut back. I am off to tutor my student, something I should take time to blog about, but in autumn it is all abut the photos instead! I want to lose weight and count every calorie I take in. I really think I do not take in more than 1500 calories each day, but my weight stays the same. At least I am not gaining. I also,like you, have trouble sleeping on about 25% of my nights and get up and read or find some quiet activity as my husband sleeps rather well.

Nan said...

I love it that you watched what your grandgirls were watching. So dear. I have only open shelves above the counter, and I love them.

Nan said...

Oh, and to wisewebwoman, I actually liked the Hallmark version of Shell Seekers because Penelope lived! And boy, did I love her little house. That kitchen! The actress was Angela Lansbury.

Sky said...

I like open shelving, too, but I worry about dust and having to wash every single dish once again before using it so I keep mine confined behind closed doors.

The clematis is just beautiful, Ernestine. We have yet to do any fall pruning but must do this soon.

During my many sleepless nights, I go online and read my Google news page which I customized to suit my interests, catch up with email, browse FB and twitter, play canasta or scrabble with people across the ocean who are having daylight instead of a sleepless night. I remember college days when I could have slept 10 hours if people had left me alone and long now for even 6 undisturbed and comfortable hours. Aging has not been so kind to me!

Anvilcloud said...

Well, it is Wednesday morning, and I am up very early: ~4 to be exact. Forgot my sleeping pill last night. Not amused.

lil red hen said...

I loved this visit with you today, Ernestine. Have a good day! xoxo