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Friday, October 16, 2015

Catching Up

Family visiting over the weekend and then some
was wonderful.
My daughter walks 1/2 dozen times a day on the property,
Callie always with her and this little dog has slept most of day
since family left - she is exhausted...

Trip to market and found my small steak, along with  mushrooms (noticed on package
it said they were a Power Food,
fresh spinach (I used a new dressing, I usually just use olive oil and lemon juice
but added few drops of the dill and yogurt dressing - so tasty.

The young man unloading vegetable near me and I asked "do you have a sharp knife"
had him cut the long ends off for me that I usually do a home, also remarked that the
spinach always so wet - he pulled out 3 pieces of paper towel and wrapped it for me ;)

Very cool mornings, like 42 here this early morning and now sun is shining and high 70's.
In the morning first frost expected.   A new young man helping me, oh what a blessing
he even helped me with my new computer and it seems all the young ones know so
much about computers.

Oven repaired today, always bake once a week. At market something new
4 fresh baked chocolate eclairs in a package.   Remember years ago buying at a bakery.
Purchased, looked at the calories - 210 each one - I thought good maybe this will put a
pound on me, had one at 2:00 meal and may eat another one this evening :)

Heat unit running and hopefully it will through Winter and next Summer, not going to purchase a new
one at this time.  Being urged to do so by this by service man, but have always gone by
"if I do not know what to do - I do nothing."

Still learning
about settings on new computer.
At the moment cannot find pictures from my camera
that were recently downloaded - seems new mouse drags, so accustomed to my old one :)
and keyboard seems different - more rapid.
Told I will learn and will take time, but has caused me some anxiety.
I do believe local children feel I am more capable then I am at the moment.
Maybe I am - so much is changing and trying to not analyze so much - but then
this has always been a part of my personality

Pleased my SIL  left my old one for a while in case
I need to use it instead of new computer.

As I shared in the past
do not want my writing of the future
to focus on health issues
but is becoming me.
Seems I have a few hours of almost my normal self
then terrible pain surfaces along with balance issues.
One day at a time I will continue and next week
cortisone shots in shoulders which usually helps.
My visiting daughter
kept saying
"you are focusing too much on pain and you are giving it a Life"
trying not to do this and find when someone is here with me by the woods
I do better - changes my focus :)

My Jamie
took this picture
really like it
and wish I had taken it :)

take care
and thank you from the bottom of my heart
for keeping in touch....


Wisewebwoman said...

Love the photo, emblematic of life itself, sometimes the road ahead is clouded and cobwebbed.

Rant all you want about pain, it must be so very difficult for you. And impossible to put mind over matter in such a case.

Thank you for the kind words and concern for me.

I am on the path and will be undertaking some grief counselling.

I had a friend stay for 6 days.


One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Wisewebwoman, thank you so much for checking in
have been so concerned over you.
Please take care of you....

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Dear Ernestine ~ I'm so glad you had a good time with family.

Bless your heart as you deal with life on your own. You inspire me with your 'keep going' attitude.

Love, hugs and prayers ~ FlowerLady

Diane Dahli said...

Woodhaven...I wish I had a cottage in the woods called Woodhaven. Sounds idyllic! When it comes to pain, yes it does help to moan and groan (to yourself!). I like the path you have taken with meditation. That also helps.

Judi said...

We try and eat mushrooms once a week. A nutritionist told me they are finding so good for us. Enjoy your down time after company. Usually takes me and our dog three days to recoup from company. HA

Judy said...

Oh Dear Heart--I think we spend too much time alone.
I feel down and in pain, but I notice when I have a visitor or force myself to get out into the world, like you say, it takes my focus away from me--at least for a few hours.
Our first hard freeze here is expected tonight.
I am ready for my annuals to give up.
I want to clean up the garden/porch and put away the pots until next May.
The Good Lord willing, we will both be here next May.

Anvilcloud said...

So far, we have resisted turning on the furnace, but I am sitting here in a thick hoodie. :)

Good luck with the new computer.

Anonymous said...

You are the most positive person. You have said so many times that you are not focusing on your pain. You carry on the best you can and focus on other things. People that are not in chronic pain do not understand. They will not understand until they are in pain themselves. Of course we hope they are never in such pain. Keep on doing what you do :) Have a wonderful day. Bobbie

Tabor said...

Pain is something that is with you when you have nothing to distract you. It is good to have company. That is exhausting but a fair trade-off. I am so sorry that you are fighting this and hope that your doctor's continue to work with you on this issue and find new ways to deal with it. There is a way you can set the speed tracking on your mouse and you have to go to the mouse settings. I don't know your computer. My new laptop is most annoying in that it "assumes" my hand movement on the pad is for some window I really did not want to open. But in all fairness I did not totally study how to use this laptop.

Marcie said...

Pain is hard to ignore. It is our body delivering an important message. I love the gentle mindfulness of your posts. Sending love and good energy south. It is snowing here!

moje lalki waldorfskie said...

I like your blogging.
I am sending kind regards.

Sky said...

Chronic pain is impossible to ignore, but distractions can lessen the intensity of the focus, perhaps. I was in so much pain on Monday hubby came home at lunch to use ultrasound machine to relieve my muscle spasms. That always helps. I am sorry you must deal with pain - it wears me out and makes me irritable. I think people who are not in pain lack a real understanding of what ongoing pain is truly like. There are times when I delay moving from my chair because doing so can be so painful. Thankfully, there are other days when I am much better. I am convinced the fall/winter's chilly, damp weather in the Pacific Northwest amplifies the problem of joint/muscle inflammation. Hope the steroid injections give you some relief for a while. So glad you have enjoyed family visits and marketing recently.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Thanks to everyone responding
freeze tonight, still learning a new system
and do not like that downloaded images from camera, cannot put in file to share
on this journal - soon I will be told how - hooe I do not have to wait until
Dear Sky, so sorry but how lucky to have a dear mate to help you..