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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Lot Of Emotions

Seems to be so much happening over the last 24 hours.
Appointment with doctor yesterday
and finally found out what is happening to my left leg
with the pain so severe at time and radiates from injury
from fall at ankle to knee.
Strange the orthopedics doctor said ex rays were taken of
everything but the left leg.   So ex rays were taken and this is good
but never heard of it.  Said the shaft on my leg was severely injured.
Explained that is like the bark on a tree :)
It will heal in time and nothing I can do about it.
Did receive a cortisone shot which helped greatly for knee and the whole leg.
Reminded again how lucky nothing was broken during this fall.
Probably because I have always had a good diet, exercised and weight never has fluctuated.
Said I have no padding on this petite frame of now 109 lbs but have strong bones.
So not headed for any knee replacements :)
Left on cloud nine as I am one that if I know what is going on then I can accept.
Also was told to take Osteo-Bi-Flex and this might help.
Ordered from Amazon yesterday and so surprised at the great comments helping
joints and even arthritis.

Today special company arrived - my daughter and two little granddaughters and guess
I will always call them that even though they are growing so fast.

Lunch at a special local old drugstore and was told serving sandwiches and salads will soon end -
sad as when anyone comes to visit we always go there as it is excellent.   They will be selling
ice cream, sundaes and milk shakes.   Then on to a local farmer's pumpkin patch and took an image of an unusual old tree.
Deleted many pictures
taken in this cottage as I did not realize how swollen I was around the eyes and cheek
from fall.
Pictures do not lie :)
I was scolded for not liking them.....
but still want the best pictures
even on
79th birthday.

Have not ever been able to relate to my chronological age
as it seems that through my lifetime
I was always thought of as younger
and seems by mind and body lately have been  on a different path
but think they  are now catching up.

So thankful I can still see beauty and have a good mind....(words I borrowed)
Did not break any bones with this recent fall - but a warning to slow down.
Love my cottage, camera, computer, gardening, online friends and my special children and grandchildren

From one that was born in her grandmother's home,
weighed in less then 5 lbs.   Sickly beginning for her
and her 18 year old mother.

Told so many times over the years
that I was so different from the rest of family
with my interests and always going forward.
Was told a number of times  if I had not been born at home
she would not think I was her child.
Now I smile at this remark....


Pienosole said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (a bit belated)!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Belated Happy Birthday dear Ernestine.

Love the photos.

You are an inspiration to me.

Love, hugs and prayers ~ FlowerLady

Tabor said...

I hope that somewhere you are writing a personal journal of your life as a tiny girl, a young girl and a young woman. Your family needs that. It is always wonderful when we get a diagnosis that makes sense...then we can go forth and fight the battle for better health.

Judy said...

Happy Birthday--again! I resemble you greatly, LOL. We move too fast me thinks, but, thankfully we have good bones!

lil red hen said...

You have such a positive attitude about all this! That will help with the healing I'm sure.

I didn't realize your birthday was recent, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear friend.

The suggestion by Tabor for the journal is a great idea!

Lonely Rivers said...

Happy birthday!! You look wonderful and I trust you will continue to feel better now that you know what is going on. I agree with Tabor...please tell us more about your childhood! Your writing, photos, and profound honesty have anchored my everyday for years. My you celebrate many, many more birthdays.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Pienosole, Lorraine, Tabor, Charlotte, Judy, thank you.
LR - I borrowed your mom's words :)
Oh my on my life'
now I am wondering what should I do differently and add
but seem to not have anymore time
to do more - if this makes sense.

Balisha said...

How did I miss this post?? I check everyday. Happy Birthday to my special online friend.
Through all the difficulties of getting older..(your recent fall) you come through like a champ, and look for ways to continue living the way you want to. We often have to change our ways of doing things, but that only makes us stronger...learning to adapt to life as it is. Hope your day was special as you.
Balisha with hugs...

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Balisha, thank you
love you...

Susan said...

I enjoyed reading this post. I like your honesty and was surprised at your age. I thought your were much younger. Not a bad thing, because age is in the mind except when our body tells us otherwise. I hope you are healing now. I use the Osteo biflex and it does help my knee and hip. Take care.