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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Deer and Dove

The last few days I have heard gunshots on the  back of this property.  Callie hides under the chair on the porch and comes close to me for me for comfort.     I do not like hearing gun shots near this property and my heart aches as the thought comes to mind - it is dove hunting season.  These gentle and soft almost like velvet birds represent peace to me.

The gunshots will be heard again when deer season opens.    How sad....

Then another thought arises...

There was a time years ago in the past  there was a collection of guns in the homes I lived in.
Beautiful gleaming wood that was polished and they had special cabinets with glass doors.
The man of the house was a hunter.

As life continued and I created  homes for myself and children, guns were not a
part of our lifestyle.  At the old farmhouse there were remnants of another lifestyle,  a stuffed deer on the wall that had been a part
of some one's life in the family.   Soon it came down off the wall.   Then something I am very ashamed of there was a stuffed pheasant that was done when I raised many different kinds of birds.
Soon this was given away.

We continue to change on our life journey.   Time passes, you age, look back at circumstances, ups and downs of your past life and suddenly realize how much you have changed.

I remember spotting a deer statue in the window of a special shop almost 40 years ago.
Few items do I see and think I have to have it.  But I wanted this deer statue.   It was purchased and has been on the
mantle of my homes.
Another carved deer hangs far up on the high ceiling.
They each have their own special stories, a part of my past.   They are a reminder of the special animals that dwell in my woods.


Tabor said...

I accept hunting as a way of keeping balance in a herd of deer. I do not hunt but allow my neighbor on my property. He uses a bow and arrow and thus, I hear nothing.

Lynn said...

Your journal entries always provoke thought. Today’s is no exception. When we moved I changed everything. Collections and objects found new places in rooms different from where they had been displayed. To my surprise it was my grown children expressing dismay with, “That doesn’t go there.” Change is good. Like you I become apprehensive when multiple shots are fired to close to the house. One or two shots indicate a snake by one of the neighbors. More than that indicate strangers hunting in the woods. Happy week, my friend.

Sharon said...

Oprah quotes Maya Angelou: When we know better, we do better. I am better able to accept change around me when I remember how much I have changed.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Sharon, so right...

Beverly said...

Thought provoking....I am like Tabor...if you hunt with bow and arrow, it gives the deer a chance. Sort of puts them on an even playing field.

Balisha said...

We live close to the Rock River and we hear hunters shooting when it it duck season.
I've lived with hunters in my family, but as they grew older they changed their minds and hunted no longer. I was happy with that decision, because of my love for animals.

mel said...

They are beautiful and graceful.

Like you.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Tabor, Lynn, Beverly, Balisha and Mel, thanks for visiting...

Found In Folsom said... sad..back home in India, deer hunting is illegal. Nostalgic post..