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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Changes Never Stop

Seasons change,
generations change,
we change,
sometimes calm and regular,
and other times not this way.

This is all exciting for me to be aware of
in my small world by the woods.
Sometimes I smile and other times
just wish that it did not take me
on a emotional roller coaster.

Past thoughts of when I returned to the woods,
 built my small home, created my gardens
and a simpler lifestyle emerged
that I would from that day forward
 live in a state of
bliss, joy and total peace,
has not become reality.....

Everything continues to change
day by day
in the life of my loved ones
and my life.

Nothing remains the same.

But would we want it to remain the same ?


Tabor said...

We think by finding our paradise and getting settled with all that we love around us that we can be happy. Whether our paradise is living near the museums and restaurants or in the deep woods, if we have loved ones their lives will change and they will continue to have challenges. We wish we could make their lives safe and stressless, but they would not grow or learn. I think because we have less to think about, we think about the lives of others.

Nancy said...

"The only thing constant in life is change"
This quote is from Francois de la Rochefoucauld but I have heard my husband tell me this so many times over 38 years that I feel it is his famous saying!

Nancy said...
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Nancy said...

My gosh, so sorry but it seems like I double published. Maybe I'll figure out this posting business if I post more!

Judy said...

I was going to write "The only thing constant in life is change", but I see Nancy beat me to it. I don't much life change because most of what I have seen, the change is never for the better.

Hill Top Post said...

But, change can, and often is, a good thing. At times I yearn for change, and if it is in my hands to bring it about, I go about it quickly.