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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fall Arriving

It was 38 on the deck early this morning
Sun now shining, wind blowing
and chilly.

Leaves are beginning to turn
Still a lot of blooms in garden and on rose bushes,
turnip greens look great and need to be picked.
Just placed  a big bouquet of herbs on the kitchen table,
the scent is wonderful.

Energy level like the temperature has gone down drastically.
At this time of year this usually happens
,Holidays will arrive with a time of being busy
and then a couple of months of time to read and then
walks outside to see what is surfacing for Spring.

Birthday cards are arriving
and a special box from Michigan
filled with some items new to me.
Love the soap with a Ladybug on it,
some tea that is new to me, honey flavored
with raspberry and hazelnut and a special
old pin from from this daughter's collection.

It almost seems like my stream of consciousness
writing thoughts are decreasing or is it drying up.
.  So there will
probably not be as many postings.

All comments and emails are so important to me.
Important does not seem like the right word
since they bring me so much joy....

Do have entries that need to be included in my
collection so grandchildren will be aware of some family history.
With cooler weather there are a number of old pictures that need to be scanned
for computer

One grandchild made the remark in the past "grandma I did not know
that you had a swimming pool when mom was growing up."
I smiled  and shared they were at two different homes.
Also a boat that was named for me :)
Lunches were prepared for outings and a memory surfaces of
how good food taste on the water.  The evening before I would
fry chicken and make potatoe salad, baked beans and stuffed eggs, some fruit and always
a desert and plenty of drinks.  It did not take long for it all to be

I take for granted that my children pass on information to my
grandchildren - but some things I guess just do not surface in
their talking to one another.

I can remember asking an Aunt who has passed away for more
information about my grandmother.
Her reply was she did not know and never thought to ask.
I always thought this was odd.
There is so much I do not know about the grandmother who was
my idol and I felt loved me more then anyone.
There is now no one to ask.
I find this sad...

Guess I have always been interested in history of family
and asked a lot of questions.   Now I realize these questions
should have been asked many years ago of this special grandmother.

Enough rambling on this Saturday afternoon.
Weather is changing
and seems some old and new health issues are surfacing at this time
hopefully they will disappear soon....


Hill Top Post said...

A cold, rainy day here; the first of many to come, but I rather like this kind of day. My 6 yr. old granddaughter is visiting today, so all is good. Love your rambling thoughts...hope you will keep writing. Like you,I have so many questions I wish I had asked before there was no one to ask. Your home is so your big bouquet of herbs! Special birthday greetings, dear friend!

Lonely Rivers said...

A birthday soon? Sending you wishes for a bright and beautiful day and good health and good fortune in the years ahead. You are a gift to me! I love your stream of conscience writing...feel like I know you better than most iof my nearby friends.

Nancy said...

I also enjoy your style of writing. Your blog is the one I faithfully check each day. I must say I am selective as to the blogs I choose to read. I like your thoughts being so honestly expressed, and not too negative or too cheery. Just REAL. I for one love that you don't tout your political views. That can be a real turnoff. I hope you continue your writing. Happy birthday!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Mary, thank you and enjoy this special child :)
Lonely Rivers, thank you also.
Nancy, thanks to you also, and your photography skills are wonderful.
I remember when I first started this journal that I would just sit and write like I talk.
My editor, writer and gifted young daughter would sometimes correct me.
I would tell her to change anything that was not right.
She replied "no" this needs to be you. So I write without even thinking about what I am writing.
My fingers take over on the keyboard.
No political or religious views.
My writing from the heart tells of my faith and much of what I believe.

Elsa Louise said...

A birthday for you? I celebrated one myself last month. The years now seem to be flying past.

I too rely on you and your observations about life at Woodhaven to help me realize what great joy can be found in the world if we would just attend.

To echo Nancy, only the other day it occurred to me how some bloggers seem too cheery or overly woe-is-me in their postings. But never you, Ernestine, with either extreme. It’s such a consistent pleasure to visit you here. Your posts resonate with forthrightness and honesty.

While we’ve never met in person, I feel as though I’ve known you always.

Blessings to you, my friend.

~ Elsie

mermaid said...

Oh Ernestine. I still love your stream of conciousness- the details, the emotions, the memories.

My daughter often asks for stories about me when I was little. I will remember how important they are to her.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Elsa Louise, thank you and for the special help over the years.
I try to write so that I will not shame my children. Need to write under another name and I could share much more :)
Mermaid, yes tell her :) they are important and someday she will repeat them to her children :)

sharon said...

yes at this age there is a slowing down and a focus dissipating and your mind wanders to new health problems..I had a bad day..spent most of the day in bed hot here 90 degrees and 80% humidity and now raining ..again every day...oh there seems to be an urgency to get things done once and for all ...slide put on CDs.etc...want I want to leave my family is what i constantly think of...grandchildren are my joy...make me feel young

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Sharon, thanks for visiting and I can relate to all you share.

mel said...

Happy Birthday to you!

What a beautiful space you have created in your dining area.

So peaceful, like you.

Blessings. You are a blessing.

Sky said...

wishes for a happy birthday celebration for you and your family! we have friends who have early october birthdays, and my sister's falls later in the month.
love the inviting. sending a big hug!

Lynn said...

You inspire other to always be their best . . . continued best wishes for your good health and a happy birthday.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Mel, Sky and Lynn, everyone is so kind with their words - thank you dear online friends...

MsGraysea said...

Happy, happy birthday, Ernestine! May your day be filled with the beautiful golden light of Fall.

You honor yourself by setting such a lovely table, always, and I admire that so much.

Always so nice to stop by and 'visit" you.


One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Marcia, thank you. I love setting a pleasing place to eat.
Thank you
enjoy your special trip
in Canada....

Balisha said...

Happy Birthday to a special friend. I hope you have a wonderful day.. doing the things you love.
Blessings, Balisha

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Balisha, thank you...