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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

They Are Not Just Things

As time goes by there are some things we just can't seem to part with.  They really are not things but have become a part of us.

I walk through this smaller home and every room has items that reflect
part of my past and who I have become.  To me they tell a story about some
of my life and special people who are no longer with me.
Items that would not have the same meaning to others but immediately bring back
into my mind a person or a memory.

I frequently share with my children or grandchildren a story about a specific item.
Boxes of pictures fill a closet.   At one time in the old farmhouse the walls and furniture
held these items.   No longer a fact and there have been times that my children or grandchildren
would ask questions about the people in the pictures.   These people are a part of their heritage, not familiar to them but they are to me.

A recent visit from youngest granddaughters and they love to go into my bedroom. One even mentioned on Monday "grandma this came from " and I smiled thinking "she remembered." They always tell me how they like this room and how pretty it is.  They know grandma has a beautiful old bedspread on the bed, with special pillows, one pillow was purchased with a special friend who has passed away.  This pillow has embroidered on it "Happily Ever After"  she put the fringe on this pillow about 14 years ago, a day never goes by that I do not remember her. She died of a brain aneurysm and her beautiful dark hair turned white after surgery.   The thought also
arises "was that me 12 years ago?"

There is a almost 50 year old small thin throw at the end of my bed, it  was made in Scotland. All my grandchildren have touched this throw remarking  how soft it is.    They walk around the room and I tell them stories about special items.  Everything is so old.   A small dish on a table was my grandmother's.   I even taped a reminder of this on the bottom so my daughter's would not forget
how special it is.

When I leave this earth I wonder if they will remember what was shared.   Hopefully they
realize they are not just things but a part of our heritage.  Also very aware they have their journeys to take
and special things to collect.

Must end this story as there is too much to share and I could go on and on.

A new day is beginning....


Lynn said...

“Not everything worth keeping has to be useful.”
― Cynthia Lord, Rules

lil red hen said...

Wonderful memories, One Woman! I'm beginning to wonder what will become of my "stuff" and trying not to add to it. Maybe it's time to pass some of it on? This winter I plan to document things about the pictures I have of my older folks for my daughters. Maybe they don't care?

Balisha said...

When I remarried just about 10 yrs ago...I went through my "treasures"and passed a few on to my family. It was a we were combining two households. Today, I can visit my kids and see them enjoying what was once mine.I kept what was precious to me and those will find a home when I'm gone.
I can just see your little grand daughter touching your precious things. You have such a lovely relationship with the girls.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Balisha, thank you. I have started handing down some items and will continue to do so.
Charlotte, I understand.
Lynn, thank you...

the wild magnolia said...

i love that your granddaughter's are learning the story of cherished things. they will remember.

mel said...

One day your children and grandchildren will be telling storis of you, and so the family will go on and on in a beautiful tapestry. They will remember.

mermaid said...

They are not just things, they are embodiments of your spirit and the spirits of those you love.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Kaveri and Mel, thank you :)

Sky said...

for about 10 years my aunt who is 91 with a birthday approaching has been giving me special things she has kept for many years, things with so many memories attached. it is important to her to know exactly where these special things are located while she is still here. we have long telephone conversations every week about family history. she re-lives events, tells me amazing details about people in her young life, shares conversations she had with my grandmother when she was a teenager, gives me special gifts of hand made items her grandmother and my grandmother made along with a variety of family heirlooms through the years. she tells me in great detail about her grandparents and her childhood. i realize as i listen that these stories are precious jeweled gifts i would never know if she and i were not having these discussions filled with rich details about our family, so many people i never knew. nothing is more valuable to me than the little things like a notebook where my grandmother jotted down her young dreams and ideas, where she kept a running list of birth and death dates of family members, where she copied poems and quotations which held meaning for her.

joared said...

Yes, it matters to document in some manner, whether or not verbal, maybe written - possibly with a picture -- stories that are important to accompany select items. Sometimes we don't start this process early enough in our older lives, and you remind me I need to get busy doing this.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Sky and joared, thank you for commenting. I have shared verbally so much. Guess not time to write it down...

Sharon said...

I like to pass onto my children and friends things that I have that I know they will enjoy. As I get older I am trying to become less attached to all things so I can enjoy the things that have the most meaning.

Judy said...

I do the same thing--tell my kids the stories and what was who's--and have their names on the bottom of the glassware, etc. In the corner of my bedroom is my prized possession--the two story wooden dollhouse my mother made for my 4th Christmas. I have made a brass plaque that goes on the end, under the eave, that has the date, who made it and who it was for. I also have taken pictures of all my treasures, printed them out, with the name of who belonged to what and have those printed pictures in my "funeral box" along with all my important papers. Maybe when they go through my things they will treasure the treasures?

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Judy and Sharon, seems we are all the same :)