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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Second Week Of April

Two weeks of summer like weather. All the plants she brought from city home and some shared recently - have lived. A lot of seeds have not made a showing as of yet. The small garden for one boast 3 tomato plants, green pepper, red pepper, lettuce, onions, Basil, Mint, Cilantro, Chives, Dill, Sage (there is nothing like fresh sage for your dressing for holiday meals) and Basil. In the next few days - zucchini, yellow squash, cantaloupe, cucumber, green beans, butternut squash and a few other items will be planted. This looks like a lot - but - this is just a hill of each - enough for her table and if one of the children come by - there may be something for them. A friend always provides a lot of corn for her freezer.

A filling fell out of her tooth and a quick trip to dentist. It will require a crown.
Her daughter from Tampa will be with her for a few days - very soon. She is pleased about this.

She knows nothing about Bats!!! Under her umbrella on deck - she finds this creature - early in the morning. At first sighting she thought it was a fat mouse? Then when she poked it with a long stick she saw the webbed feet as it took flight. Because of computer problems she has not been able to do research on bats.......
Callie will not leave the little frogs alone. There are certain places at the foundation of her home and by some of the trees where they can be found. Callie - stop this.
Tomorrow when her son visits to bring some books he is also bringing her youngest granddaughter.
After lunch a visit to the local guitar store. Grandma is tired of seeing this little one strum this pink one. This talent or interest needs a little more encouraging. Time will tell....

A trip to Lowe's this early morning - to browse. She loves this store and could live in the garden center. If she has a choice of plants or food. She probably would go with the plants.

A confession - so she may be mentally off. 4 bags of mulch were loaded in her truck.
Usually when arriving home she can still maneuver them out of the bed of the truck and onto the ground or let them fall in the wheel barrow. NOT THIS TIME - she could not budge them/

Her mother's words echo in her ears - "you will know when you can no longer do something". Not to many years ago she would buy loose mulch that was loaded in her truck and she would spread it and return time and time again for more mulch. Her oldest daughter would say to her "you spread more mulch then anyone I know".

Luck would have it that builder came by to check a screen door that is not closing properly.
He pulled the bags off the truck for her.

A shower is desperately needed. There is a green and yellow film on everything. Her continual sneezing and nose running continues.

Enough shared at the end of One Woman's day. How was your day?

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