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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lilac Bush

Her new header is one of a Lilac bush she purchased yesterday. One of her favorite flowering bushes. The scent on this new bush is heavenly. She wanted it outside her bedroom window .. no space with Rhododendrons and birdhouse in that area. Miss Lilac was placed beside the deck.
She will watch the Sweetpea plant and hopefully it thrives. Memories of a little girl visiting her grandmother her large bush always supplied a small bowl of the flowers that would sit on the kitchen table.

The image posted with this sharing is a flower from the woods. So pretty....

It seems there is summer weather at Woodhaven. Busyness is everyday. Car serviced yesterday and other town errands. Wish these trips could be avoided - she would surely be a recluse.

Allergy problems and computer problems rage on. She reflects and knows in her heart she belongs in "these woods". She loves gardening and feeling the earth in her hands. It is such a pleasure to be able to write about this, and to connect with those who share this passion. Sad, that there is really no one near by at this time of her life that shares this passion. Someone to walk in the garden, sit a spell and share a glass of tea and the wonders of the woods - would be pleasing. Older ladies in the past, she would visit their gardens - and always return home with a cutting of a plant. These sweet souls were the age of her mother and grandmother, no longer living.

This Spring the colors seem so vibrant. Is it always this way? It may be that she is so delighted to have her first Spring ..where her spirit resides.

A filling fell out of her tooth today - so another dreaded trip to the city in the morning.

She wonders - what her life be like if she did not have her gardening and the woods?

Enough said on another 80 plus degree day.

Wherever you are - I send you wishes of Happiness, Safety, Wellness and Peace.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ernestine, Lilacs are my very, very favorite of all flowers and bushes. I love your new header. I can smell your lilacs from here. I had one outside my bedroom window growing up and I think that is why I love them so. I am so glad you have found peace and serenity and love your knew place so much. I got sunburned yesterday working outside.

Balisha said...

Thankyou for the memories of walks in older people's gardens. I always walked away with a pass a long plant for my memory garden. I love your new lilac. When driving in the country...we sometimes see the remains of an old farmhouse...there is always a lilac still standing, where the house had been. Wish I lived close.

Lonely Rivers said...

I too love lilacs - and I am here to report that this is the eighth year that my lilac has not bloomed. What is that about?

MsGraysea said...

How very much I wish I could come and share a walk and glass of tea with you in your lovely place. Nothing pleases me more than a walk through a garden or in the woods.
I've been so happy lately to be spending some time in the garden at LM's and to be seeing new growth. Our spring is very slow here, so, in the meanwhile, I will enjoy photos like yours of the lovely lilac. Thanks.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Judy, oh yes the scent is heavenly.
Balisha, we share the same memories. LR - I surely do not know what the problem is. You are patient. I would probably long ago moved it and maybe not plant it as shallow. I do not treat my plants tenderly. Difficult at times for proper hole and "forgive me" I just stick it in the hole and hope it lives - they always do lol. Marcia - so pleased you share this garden time with LM.

Cloudhands said...

I don't know if I love Lilacs so much because of Lousia May Alcott's book 'Under the Lilacs' or if I love the book because I read it under our Lilac bush when I was a child. I have read the book several times over the years.
We don't have a bush here and I think I may have to remedy that.

mermaid said...

Oh, I see you as a little girl with your grandmother. It is a sweet picture.

May you ask the Universe for another soul to share your journey with nearby. May it be so.

Beverly said...

thank you dear friend for the wishes...I love you header....I am with you that this spring seems to be more colorful. I wish I was there to have tea and gather some cutting of yours. I cherish the fern and Bishops weed from my mother's yard, and I have a bush with yellow blooms that a friend gave me....
I even have a plant one of my friends gave me when my youngest was born. When Lily was born I have a cutting to her mother, and she has it still.....

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Barbra, Mermaid and Beverly, thank you for visiting. All of your comments are meaningful to me.
Have a peaceful evening!!