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Friday, April 2, 2010

April - Summer - ???

Cold and rainy for weeks, a few days of Spring like weather, and most of this week is like summer. 80's and higher - now how is that for April?

A roller coaster week for One Woman.

Week started with hours of garden time in the city. Continual computer problems and she has talked to people all over the world. If she could she would do????? New air card did not solve the problem - so when her son inlaw comes for family dinner on Sunday, he will try her card in his computer. Will know if it is the air card or time for a new computer.

Allergy has been raging and with her dry eyes - she can hardly see. She forgot about this problem in the woods.

On a pleasing note - as she travels the road - the landscape is ablaze with color. Every tree and bush blooming is a masterpiece. May be because she has yearned "so" for warmer weather and the "sun". The Spring sun feels sooooo good.

Callie, has discovered turtles. One Woman has rescued 3. Just looked outside to make sure the one put in the wheelbarrow - while putting Callie up for the night was still living. It has been placed on the ground and after checking do not see it. Travel fast "my little turtle friend". Also, gifts of a moles are being received. "Good girl Miss Callie". Tiny little frogs you had better move fast so you are not captured.

16 bags of top soil (40 lbs each - guess that is over 600 lbs - also 5 bags of mulch have been spread since yesterday. I am aware of a problem I have. Pacing myself and also when something has upset me - I over work!!!

One daughter - that will keep you young - another daughter - don't complain when you hurt yourself - no remark from others as of yet!

Lettuce is up about 2 inches. Some seeds thrown in garden area are emerging. Iris, day lillie's,
roses, hollyhocks, coral bells, ground cover, peonies, so many plants I cannot think of their names at this "tired moment" are up and a good size. Looking forward to seeing what emerges in the woods.

This small garden was created with no plan. Or basically in an area at the rear of this home and in front of the woods - she can view it from so many windows. Every plant just put in the ground to see if they liked their new home. Many seeds have been sown. But then that is the way she likes to garden. Just a natural look.

On a sad and emotional note - business that was created by a couple in their 20's and went through a phase of dramatic success then another recession years ago and the couple going their separate ways is phasing out. Her son CEO of this venture - his lifetime has been one of involvement. It has served all of the family well - but it is like a death.

So many memories have surfaced in her mind over the last several days. Memories that she thought had been put to rest. Tears - she thought she had no more to shed over many matters. Maybe the tears are good for her "dry eyes". lol

Also my special one has put his home on the market. She wants (with all her heart) for him to follow his pathway in life. But she misses him when he is far away and even though she always has been aware that more and more time would be spent over the ocean - just thought it would be when her life as she knows it now - is over.

So how do you share in writing
the many emotions that have passed through her mind. Almost like she has been viewing a film.
I guess that is what it is "One Woman's Life". Bottom line "it has been and is a good life - may she have learned well - all the lessons that she was to learn - and still learning.
She is preparing for family time this Sunday. Will be in kitchen most of tomorrow.
The big table will be filled with food for all to enjoy and the little ones will run in the grass.

This woman will have a smile on her face and there will be hugs to give and receive.
What does One Woman know - she has given her children roots and wings - and holds their hearts in her hands forever.

One week in the life of One Woman.


Lonely Rivers said...

Good morning!
There is so much of you in this post and I am always so deeply touched by your honesty about your thoughts and feelings. I am glad you got to take a look at "Elizabeth" - she too was passionate about nature, her garden, solitude, great authors and life itself. I thought of you and your writing style as I read Elizabeth and realized how I always look forward to your posts.

Amy said...

I love the last sentence so much. I want to give roots and wings to my children! I have that for myself and didn't know the words. Happy Easter! Love you!

Mim said...

I'm sorry your son is selling and moving overseas permanently.
Parenting... how does one know!!! what we will go through. But yes, wings.....
Hope you are relaxing and enjoying the beauty around your new home todaoy.

Beverly said...

I will be thinking of you these next few days. Hope you can be comforted through the many changes the future brings...continue to enjoy the country, and your gardens...

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

LM - it is truly something that when we sit down at the computer and type away - some understand what we are sharing. Thank you so much for your kindness.
Amy - enjoy your family time. You are a special person to Jamie and her mom!!
Mim and Beverly, thank you for visiting. Blessings to all of you!!

MsGraysea said...

Happy Easter! You give so much love and make so much for your family. Lovely! Happy to have a little share.goatine

mermaid said...

The garden you are planting is seasoned with your years of experience. The tears you shed are so timely, especially for this garden to grow,

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Marcia, thank you for visiting me.
I know you will have a beautiful Easter.
Mermaid, you have such a meaningful and beautiful gift of words. Blessings sent to both of you!!

Anonymous said...

It's that time of year when you start yearning to be outside. You had a wonderful week outside.