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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thoughts From Woodhaven

Little Callie, what do you see. You like to sit on top of the table on the deck or on top of your doghouse. Maybe as you gaze into the woods at winter - you may be dreaming of Spring.

You were brought home from the Humane Shelter in October. You were found with a chain around your neck that had to be sawed off. You were scheduled to be put to sleep. We have gone through the chewing, and you doing a Houdini and coming out of collar and harness. I tried to secure you when I would leave the woods. I quit trying and was surprised that you only follow me a short way down the drive and then go back to the house. Soon you will have a pen surrounded by a picket fence for you and your doghouse. This will be an option when you are outside and there are visitors or One Woman has an errand.

When I return from errands and turn onto the gravel drive - the first thing seen is Callie sitting in the field, waiting for my return. As I continue down the gravel drive, you run to greet me. Silly, One Woman as the thought goes through her mind - has anyone ever loved me this much? Sure they have but it has been a while. What ever I am doing inside - you are looking through the glass door watching me. When I am outside - your eyes hardly ever leave me. We have surely become bonded in a short time. With your chewing I had a brief thought of not keeping you. I am ashamed to admit that thought. You alert me of any car approaching our home. Guess, at the moment you are priceless. Or you have caught me at a weak moment!!!!

You are in the utility room at night and outside most of day. Brushing you daily and I have never seen so much shedding of hair on such a small and short haired dog. Will see how long this last.

Drove into the city early this morning to check city home. One hour South and the buds on the dogwoods in my front yard are evident. Bulbs are pushing through the soil, and I wish I had taken my camera. Spring always arrives about a month earlier in the city then here at my woods home.

I have decided to also use my Canon Sureshot camera along with my digital camera. Came across the camera in my drawer and it had film in it from almost 2 years ago. It was developed yesterday and made me smile at a beautiful new city garden.

I enjoy having pictures I can physically handle. Aware I can order online - just have not. At times in the past there have been baskets sitting everywhere, filled with pictures taken over the years. Also pictures that family would share with me. When visitors would be in my home - the pictures would bring comments and pleasure. Just do not have the room in this smaller home to have a dozen baskets of pictures sitting around.

A picture of my youngest granddaughter was on the computer. Soccer time. Oh, little girl - you are growing up so fast and you look so happy wearing your soccer shirt and holding your ball.

Even though the thermometer says 40 in the sun - the wind is super chilly. At least to me.

Guess I have found my third age ambitions. To live simply, write, read, take images that are pleasing to my eye, wait for the phone calls and the little voices that say "I love you grandma", and watch for Callie as I pull in the gravel drive.

Enough - Saturday afternoon rambling.

One Woman - what a simple life you lead - yet you seem to stay so busy!!


Cloudhands said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts I found them delightful. What simple pleasures you have that enrich your life. Some day that little granddaughter will read your thoughts about her and be blessed I'm sure.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Barbra, I smile - because I think we were commenting to each other at the same time.
This simpler lifestyle has been a long time coming.
Blessings to you for the rest of the weekend.

sally said...

The love of a pet is so pure-and it means so much to us. Do you know what kind of dog Callie is? We have a dog friend who is a Sheba Inu, your dog has similar coloring and the same smarts.
I love taking digital pictures, but I rarely print any, and I think that is a big loss. No one down the line will sit and browse my memory sticks content or CDs looking at them.
Thanks for sharing. Peace my friend.

Deborah Carr said...

I'm so delighted your Callie-girl has turned into such a loving, dedicated companion for you! They make such a difference in our world.

There is no better friend. I am sure she will richly reward you for your compassion and care.

Sky said...

simple is plenty enough! your joy shows, ernestine, and for that i am cheered! :))

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Sally, Callie is just a dog!! A mixture of many - I think!!
Deborah and Sky, thank you for your kind comments this early morning. Have a great day.

Tabor said...

It is a surprise to not give up and find the joy of true love when we are patient. I am so glad that the dog worked out.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ernestine, You sound so content and happy as you write your thoughts in this journal. Callie is so lucky to have you to love her and I think she loves you, too, so much. Soon, your Woodhaven will have the sound of wildlife and birds to wake you in the mornings and put you to sleep at night. Have a great week.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Tabor and Judy, thanks for commenting. Everything still looks so rough "outside". Will he pleased when I can start planting and grooming.
Have wondered about the worry of Callie but at the moment I cannot give her up...have a good day.
Not to warm here in the woods.

Amy said...

That is such a sweet picture of Callie. I think she is dreaming of spring out in the yard with you...and maybe squirrels.

Balisha said...

It sounds like you and Callie have really bonded. Dogs are so much company.I miss having one.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Amy - thank you for visiting "your other mother".
Balisha, maybe Spring is on the way.