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Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday Thoughts

First I want to thank all the bloggers who contacted me expressing sympathy for what is happening at this time with my Sadie. It truly touched me in a special way. I am new to this journaling world and it is beginning to seem like that in many ways I am closer to you dear friends then those I see and talk to in person.

I wonder why? I truly think it is because you can or rather I can express myself easier and more openly as I type away then when you sit and talk to someone.

Sadie is on my private retreat porch that is connected to my garage. I sit and talk to her.
Stroking her head and tears will not stop.

I have only been close to death one other time and that was when my mother passed away 9 years ago. To be so aware of this happening is the saddest thing I have ever encountered.

I had another dog a number of years ago that I loved so dearly and circumstances came about that I had to give her to someone far away. I grieved over the loss of her so much that I said I would never love a dog that way again. I thought I love you Sadie but will not give you my heart. Well I guess I did not do too well. Sadie you captured my heart with always being close.

Always alerting me when someone was approaching our home. When I would sit on the porch and read you would come and sit beside me, waiting for me to pet you. Since only you and I are at this home it seemed I was always talking to you.

So, I am going to miss you. Miss you already. But your ashes will be spread over my garden.
Since gardening is what I love to do and I am working in the earth almost daily, you will still be my constant companion. Everywhere I look in my garden I will see you. When I read on my porch I will visualize you sitting there in front of me.

So Miss Sadie you did an excellent job of capturing my Heart and there is no way that I could not love you.


lilalia said...

I don't know whether this post meant that Sadie is dead, or that her death is so imminent that she will die soon... no matter, it is obvious how much you loved her. What a special companion she must be or have been. I hope you will find others to support you during this time. I send a fond farewell to your Sadie.

Judy said...

I am sure that Sadie will be beside you in spirit in your wonderful garden. My daughter recently lost her dog and she stayed home from work with her all day before the vet came to put her out of her misery. She also has the ashes at her farm. Sadie will surely be looking down from doggie heaven upon you.

Linda said...

The last part of your post is so sweet about putting Sadie's ashes in your garden. That's a wonderful idea. I've been around death a lot and the idea of ashes in the garden where you work everyday speaks to my heart

L. said...

I'm so sorry about your beloved Sadie. Loss of a pet is so difficult...especially when they become our confidant and dear friend.
My cat's ashes are scattered around my gardens in the backyard as that was where she loved to be.
It comforted me to do that....and, I hope that you find the same comfort when Sadie passes.
Take care.

Gail said...


Thinking about you and Sadie...take care,

Beverly said...

Ernestine, I am so sorry for the loss of Sadie...I know how much we love our pets. As you said, they listen to us when we are here alone, and offer so much company...

Jessi Cotterill said...

Ernestine... I cried for several minutes after reading your post.

send my love to Sadie. and you take care. wish I could be there to support you...


Tabor said...

Dogs have a magical and sneaky way of capturing our hearts. When they leaves us, as they must, then we have that long painful healing process to go through. I have cried over several dogs in my lifetime, and perhaps in the future there will be more. Know that you are in the company of dog lovers and cherish those memories as Sadie was clearly so happy with you.

Hughes ap Williams said...

Our Little Guy just died a few weeks ago and I still miss him. We knew him for about 9 years and he adopted us about 5 years ago when his original owner's lifestyle changed. I posted about his death on August 1st and then I just got a "posting block" despite the fact that I have several items sitting in drafts ready to go. Reading your post and the comments has helped and I think that today is the day that I will sit down and catch up. Thank you and I send my condolences.

Nicola Slade said...

Sending sympathy and hugs. I've only ever had one dog, a fat white spotty spaniel/labrador cross who lived to be well over sixteen. When we first had her my children were young but by the time she died we had one grandchild and another on the way. I've always been a cat person and I love them dearly but Lottie was more than a dog, she was a person and we love her still.

Nan said...

Oh, Ernestine, that was so beautifully written. I'm so sad for you. We've loved and lost many dogs over the years (there's even mention on my online journal), and I really do know what you are going through.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Thanks to all of you for the kind and caring notes.
You are one special group of people.