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Monday, September 15, 2008

Go Tell Aunt Rhodie

Mother used to share that her grandmother sang this song to her. I can remember my mother singing this to my children and older grandchildren and lately when my two youngest granddaughters are with me I sing this. Many of these memories are shared with the rocking chair. When everyone was small I always loved to sit in my rocking chair and sing to them. That same rocking chair is in my big empty upstairs room.

Caitlin and Amelia love to sing. I love to sing but it seems I only sing when my granddaughters are with me. We love to sing in the car. We go through every song we know. Most of the time only a few of the words are remembered. On Wednesday at rest time I sing with Amelia.

Strange, this song came to mind this morning, as my sheets are tumbling in the washing machine. On this cooler and predicted sunny day, they are going on One Woman's city clothesline.

Go Tell Aunt Rhodie. I wondered is there even such a song. I clicked onto my information center to see if anything came up.
Surprise, surprise, there it was, the words to this song.

So I am copying it so the girls and I can sing more then two stanza's.

Wonder if this is an old Southern folksong and maybe in other parts of country not heard of?

Go tell, Aunt Rhodie
Go tell, Aunt Rhodie
Go tell, Aunt Rhodie
Her old gray goose is dead

The one she's been savin
The one she's been savin
To make a feather bed

The goslins are dyin
The goslin is crying
The goslin is dyin
Because his Mama's dead

The gander is weepin
The gander is weepin
The gander is weepin
Because his wife is dead

Go tell, Aunt Rhodie
Go tell, Aunt Rhodie
Go tell, Aunt Rhodie
The old gray goose is dead


Judy said...

Hi Ernestine, I have heard that song but only the last verse rings a bell with me. I think I heard my mother sing it, too. I have a rocker and sing and rock my grandson as well as all my children. I have tagged you on my blog. If you want to participate just hop over and read the post and do the same as I did. Thanks, Judy


I too remember that song also here in the UK, my, it takes me back some years, I enjoyed your blog very much. will visit again.



Thank you for dropping by, much appreciated.