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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

Rain several hours yesterday and through the night. It is amazing how my small yard and garden looked like it was finished and this morning it is beautiful. Yesterday I had a busy morning. A couple of errands for a friend that I will be visiting tomorrow. A quick trip to the bakery to pick up my favorite bread "Tuscany." It is wonderful with warm olive oil. Caity tried it and liked it. Seems my days fly by, I stay busy, wonder if I accomplish much, and wonder why I do not gain weight. Usually I gain 5 lbs during the holidays. Will see what happens at that time. This is not a subject that most people want to hear from me. Just thought as I became settled in my home and calmed down that I would gain my 5 lbs or more.

A lot of thoughts about family. Caity enters the first grade a week from Monday. When I was growing up in Michigan, school started the day after Labor Day. When her mom's school year began I can remember smoke would begin coming out of the tabacco barns and soon sweaters would appear. Surely not now with almost 100 degree weather. But maybe it will change over the next few weeks. Who knows, I surely do not. I am finding out as I age that I know less and less and I use to think I was pretty smart and had an opinion on everything. I am more quiet at this time and listen more. My baby Amelia will continue in daycare. This truly saddens me but grandma just cannot keep her every day. Also I am so well aware of all the advantages and how much they learn. I want to keep her one day a week so I can have some special time with her. This child looks so much like her mother. Almost identical at 3 years of age. Facial features and the curls that hang almost to her waist. Her mom will celebrate a birthday next week. It seems like yesterday she was home with me. Will post some pictures next week of my baby girl.

Sometimes I have the thoughts that my daughters with their children think no one ever loved like they do. Suprise, your mom loves you like you love yours. So many memories In two weeks my daughter from Massachusetts arrives with two of my grandchildren. She will be settling them in for their school year.

Jessica in her 4 th year at Vanderbilt. She has decided to follow a law career. Gavin my grandson is beginning his first year. I know in my heart what an adjustment this will be. From a small town high school where he excelled in sports to this big University. But pleased that myself and his uncle and aunts and dad's parents all live in this city. Sarah my middle granddaughter will be returning from Colorado in 2 weeks where she has been attending a music camp. She plays the French horn and is excellent. She will be home for 10 days and then on to Illinois at NorthWestern. Two weeks after that my son returns from Thailand. I surely miss him. I took his mail over this morning and put it on his desk. I swept off his porch and quickly crossed the street to my home.

So it looks like this lady has a lot going on. Or is it that a lot is going on within the family. Seems at this time of life my life revolves mostly around what is happening in my children's and grandchildren's lives, my home and garden. In the past I have always been planning homes, gardens and moving. Deep inside I sense this is the way things should be - but - there is a part of me that does not accept this 100%.

What would I do without the new interest of an online journal. Is helpful to write your thoughts. Still making spacing errors and I do not know what I am doing. My daughter tells me I must be hitting the shift key. I do not think I am. Maybe I am!!!! But I am learning and can now take pictures and post them. My next project is to take better pictures and buy a nicer camera.

Tomorrow I will head for my old home place. A pecan pie or two will be baked tonight to take to my twin lady friends. One's husband is out of the hospital and home. He seems to be doing well.
But when you have heart surgery at 80...well, I have a lot of thoughts. I will visit, run errands and have lunch before returning to my city home.

A lady who has experienced so much in her past, and has had a full life - wonders what the future holds. When I am not suffering from the 100 degree weather and the fact that the news reports that our air quality is 3 times worse then it should be - I am at peace.

Just wondering - what next? Another morning on My Journey Through This Life.


Marcie said...

Ernestine, I love reading your thoughts. Though you are at a different stage in your life than I am, we share that love of home and family.

I hope your day is pleasant and your visits enjoyable. Your little haven, your city home, will be waiting you at the day's end. I look forward to reading your next post.

Judy said...

Hi Ernestine, Like you, my time is mostly spent with family and my grandson now and my days seem to fly by as well. I, too, love my home and family but my life was much different in years past. When I worked I was on the go all the time. My job was pretty stressful and I was really tired when I came home at night. Things are so different now that I am retired. We had much needed rain here, too, and things have just perked up!

Liza on Maui said...

A see a trip to Maui in the future. Get Jaime to go with you even for just a few days (yes, you'll have to pay for her airfare but it's worth it:).

If she's not available, just come by yourself and I'll pick you up from the airport. Time for another adventure :)

See the lavender farm photo in my blog (posted yesterday). May that entice you to come :)

No pressure :)
Love yah :)

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Liza you are too kind. Do they have a room in the middle of the Lavender fields. I have a spray beside my bed. Blessings being sent to you over the ocean and over the miles.

Darlene said...

Oh how I wish I could share in a piece of your pecan pie. That is my absolute favorite pie; heck, it's my favorite desert. It even surpasses chocolate cake. Coming from a chocoholic, that says a lot.

You have trouble gaining weight. I have trouble keeping it off. I think I just gained a couple of pounds dreaming about your pecan pie.

Beverly said...

I feel like you have written me an email when you blog about your thoughts. Remember when you did not know about starting a blog? you have come a long way, cause you have a very nice blog...

Anonymous said...

"What would I do without the new interest of an online journal. Is helpful to write your thoughts."

I so agree with this. It's like finding a whole world of friends that you would never meet otherwise. And a new way to express yourself.