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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

Wonderful when I opened the door to my screen porch this morning. 65 degrees and only predicted high 80's today. I was watering and weeding at 6:00. Did some touch up painting on some very old wrought iron flower pots. Also touched up paint on my wicker rocker. A load of wash was done and I put upstairs to dry. I will hang sheets and towels outside but this was a lot of small things and just put them in this large room on a drying rack.

When I built this home I had a permanent stairway put to the upstairs. A door at the top of stairs goes into a large unfinished room. I love this room and it is filled with some things I could not part with. Like the brass bed, globe and sailboat that were in my son's room, the rocking chair that I rocked all of my babies in until they were too big to sit in my lap, trunk that was my grandmother's (story goes that this was carried on a covered wagon) baby and high school pictures that children laugh at and say they do not want, and on and on. Future plans for this room - I do not know. It will be a good selling point if home is sold. Someone can finish it into a large bedroom and sitting room with bath. Also if I continue to live in this home I could have the room finished. My granddaughters love going upstairs and playing in this room. I found them an old dresser at a secondhand store. They sit in front of the mirror and play. At the moment this room brings a lot of thoughts to mind and only time will tell. But it is a marvelous room that is full of windows and sunlight early in the morning.

This week I have not felt well. Not sick but just not as energetic or motivated to do anything.

But then the heat has been almost 100 degrees daily and the air quality in Nashville has been posted as dangerous on our local news.

Just a short walk with Sadie or taking the mail over to my son's home seemed to leave me almost breathless.

So, I wondered is it age, weather or is it the spot they found on my lungs in March.

I have been feeling so good that I thought I would miss the 6 month testing to see if anything had changed. May go in September just to see. I really just want to think positive and not go through the testing. I think it is the weather.

The blog experiment and being on computer to check sites seems to have kept me from something I love to do - reading. Why is that I wonder. I usually am well organized and can follow through. This is something puzzling to me. It seems like the computer is calling me and I yield to its summons. I go to bed early and sometimes when I get up in the night to go to the bathroom the thought comes to mind "I could check my emails."I do not - but I have the thought. See the computer is calling to me!!!!!

The weather being so hot I have had to stay indoors a lot. Thoughts keep surfacing about my move to the city. I miss my small town. But then I have to focus on why I moved. It was to be near my two youngest granddaughters and be of some help to my youngest daughter. Staying inside a lot truly bothers me. I am the happiest when I can work in my garden. Winter affects me this way. January and February expecially difficult for me. So what do I do? My daughters have some suggestions. I do not want to do volunteer work. Have tried it and it seems like the majority of these ladies do not like to stay home. I like staying home. Just seem to be restless or am I bored, but have countless projects. Still do not have the answer. But this is nothing new - it does seem a little better then in the past. Might be my Type A personality. I do know I cannot start planning to build another home!!!!

Am I alone too much? I stay busy and the day is gone before I know it. Several phone calls a day. A friend or one of my children. When I do run errands it seems I cannot hardly wait to return home. I have always loved my homes. They seem to wrap their arms around me with warmth, pleasure and healing. A lot of different homes but they are all filled with the same old things. Nothing new. I take pleasure as my belongings age. Furniture I dust and shine.

Linens and quilts that grow thin with time. Clocks that I wind and I hardly hear their ticking.

The clock in my bedroom is one that was my great grandmother's. One one the mantel was in my mothers bedroom. Another on wall was purchased years ago on a trip to Jamaica. Another an old school room clock was purchased 48 years ago. In my foyer a grandmother clock and a small one that was given to me for my birthday by my mother years ago. Their ticking and when they chime seems to comfort me.

Oh, I picked my first cucumber this morning. Several tomatoes daily, lettuce has had its day and my much loved squash I could not keep the borers away. Pepper plants are loaded with blooms. Some of my herbs did not make it. My basil is a sight to behold. My strawberry plants are spreading. In another month or so I will plant turnip greens. I love them and could eat them daily with cornbread. When I was growing up I would not have touched them.

Lunch time and the time moves quickly from here on.

Just some thoughts on My Journey Through This Life.


lilalia said...

Two thoughts came to mind while reading this post. Do you have friends near where you live? Do you miss them in your day-to-day life, or where/are you more family centered? the second, is what type of work would you like to do to make good use of your mind and heart? I don't think voluntary work is good in itself, but useful work, where you feel what you do is good, can be very important.

Darlene said...

It sounds like you really accomplished a lot for not feeling well. I just sit in front of the computer on days when my energy level is low. I guess you did some of that too since you wrote a long post.

Take care and don't do too much when you are not up to par.

Liza on Maui said...

Aloha Ernestine, just want you to know I've been reading your blog - just a bit busy to leave comments but enjoying reading your thoughts and reflections, as we are very similar :)

Love yah!

Judy said...

Hi Ernestine, The room sounds like a wonderful place for the grandchildren to play and your garden vegetables make my mouth water! It has been cooler here this week but is starting to warm back up and get more humid. I hope you enjoy your weekend.

clown princess said...

Hello Ernestine. Just stopping by to say hello and to thank you for visiting my blog and leaving the nice comment.

I am enjoying browsing your writings and that room sounds wonderful. I share your love of home life and like you, when I go out am always anxious to return.

GreenishLady said...

Dear Ernestine,
How kind of you to visit my blog to offer condolences on the death of my Mother. I'm pleased to get the chance to meet you, and will return soon, but for now just wanted to thank you for your kindness.
Imelda, (aka Greenishlady)