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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday Happenings

At the moment in my area it is so hot and humid that I cannot walk outside without being soaken wet from the tip of my toes to the top of my head.

This is unusual for this somewhat small framed woman. I just do not sweat. I do not like this weather.

My new garden which had a wonderful beginning in April, May and June is beginning to look rather sad.

Early this morning on the way to the grocery I saw a sign several streets from mine that said "Estate Sale." I need nothing and want nothing but could not resist looking for the home.

I downscaled tremendously when relocating to this smaller home. Once again desiring a freezer never entered my mind. But---with my renewed interest in a vegetable garden and friends supplying me with some great vegetables--- I have had thoughts of once again having a freezer. The one on the top of my refrigerator does not hold very much and seems to stay full even though I do not eat much.

Thoughts kept coming to mind that maybe I would see a nice used one for sale. I looked at several on sale at stores and did not want to make that kind of investment.

Back to the Estate Sale. The family members were rapidly selling the possessions of one who was in a nursing home. I spotted the freezer and ask about it. They quickly shared it had to go and they had hoped to get $100 for it but if I wanted it I could have it for $50. I thought this is too good to be true but how am I going to transport it to my home 3 blocks away. I shared this and one of the men quickly replied I will bring it to you.

It was a sale. That along with a wonderful table to be used as a potting table and several very old concrete pots for my garden.

So the delivery was made and the freezer is in my garage. Hopefully when it is plugged in early in the morning all will be well. Then on to the grocery a little later in the day.

Just walked out on front porch and there was Sadie across the street in my son's yard.

The gate had blown open in my yard. I quickly picked up her leash and headed out into the 97 degree weather. Every step I took she took a dozen away from me. I thought this is it she will just keep going and I have lost her to the big city.

Here comes a pickup down the street and pulls about 50 feet in front of Sadie. A young man gets out of his truck and begins to motion for my dog to come to him. Loudly I say "please just stay still and maybe she will go to you or come back to me" I was able to catch Sadie.

I asked the young man "what made you stop" he said I saw you walking with the leash in your hand and the dog up ahead and I thought "there is a lady with a loose dog."

Needless to say, I thanked him.

So, Sadie is back in the yard. The gate is secured.

I am back in the house and do not intend to stick my head out the rest of the evening.

I will water my garden at dawn in the morning.

Just another day on My Journey Through this Life.


Liza on Maui said...

Great story about the freezer, and about Sadie. :)

Sorry it's too hot and humid there - maybe time to visit me here :) (I know... I'm a "temptress" :)

Beverly said...

It was a hot one indeed. kevin and I were putting things in the attic and we almost went up in flames. I am convinced that if we were not so wet with sweat we would have fired up and sizzled.

Tabor said...

Sounds like a terrific neighborhood, great estate sales and friendly and helpful neighbors! I is getting hot midday here and I find myself spending time indoors at the computer or with my nose in a book or watching TV to wait for the sun to start to wane. I slap myself if I complain, because this warm weather will soon be gone and I will be facing cold and snow.

Marcie said...

Ernestine, How wonderful that you got such a good deal on the freezer. I know you will put it to good use.

I'm glad such a nice young man stopped to help you with your Sadie. There really are good people out there!

I hope you can stay cool and that the garden survives the heat wave. I enjoyed reading about your day.

Darlene said...

How wonderful that you found just what you wanted. I hope the freezer is working and getting ready for all those veggies right out of the garden. I envy you when I buy tomatoes with no flavor and strawberries picked so green that they are not sweet.

I know what it's like to have a dog escape. I've chased a few myself.