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Wednesday, July 17, 2019


A little shared
as so many follow me.

Fluid removed from knee
I dreaded
and strange
not quite as painful as in the past
as I asked Stacy
"are you through"
she replied yes, you did good''

I asked to let me see how much fluid removed

oh my - she showed me - could not believe it

in the past about 2 test tubes full

there were 4.

No wonder the pain and could hardly walk without help.

I wait like this
thinking I can help with
all I do, nonstop and thinking positive - did not work'
but will continue to research, read and do all I can.

ao this treatment may last 3 months, weeks or days
only time will tell,

I will continue going forward
exercising, icing, prayer.

No pain medication, since shot
see, I am a fighter.

My thankful list
number l
was fine until 78
even though the mind says 50
maybe crazy, but I think not
be thankful it is sharp
you can write and use your camera.

Now how lucky can you be

So lady by the woods
stop complaining
that you cannot work in your flowers
cut your grass
walk mile,
You can sit on the deck, view beautiful woods and creature, go the store and pick out a different plant  anyone have some seeds or cutting pass them on

stop listening to those who upset you
tell them to shut up and hang up
try to quiet your sensitive spirit.

Keep moving
and be thankful for 80 years of good life.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Oh dear Ernestine ~ you are such an inspiration to me. I love your positive attitude and that you keep on doing as much as you can. Glad the fluid off your knee has given you relief. Love, hugs and prayers for you ~ FlowerLady

Judy said...

We have many things to be grateful for.

lil red hen said...

XOXO I'm 78 and beginning to realize I'm not 50. lol

Mitzi said...

You surely are an inspiration to me.Keep doing what gives you pleasure.

Wisewebwoman said...

I always think of your remarks both in prior posts and now today about 78. It seems to be a marker of some kind. I will be 76 next month. Not that I live in dread or anything but I work at accepting my limitations. Rejoice in what I still can do and try not to get too stressed tho overnight and today I was due to a sibling's nastiness towards me.

I have worked on letting it go now, not brooding on it. Realising he needs help.

It's a tough old life, Ernestine, but we are strong in the broken places.


Pienosole said...


PatK said...

You have a great gift in your ability to observe and appreciate nature. Every time I read your thoughts they remind me to savor the moment, to stop look listen and appreciate the wonders around me.
Thank you

Rebecca said...

I love your self-talk! Keep it up.👌