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Sunday, July 7, 2019

Need Peace

Have decided to go off of Instagram

did this with FaceBook.

Article in today's N.Y. Times

Urged me onward.

Instagram and Facebook become an addiction.

I do not need to do it

Takes away my
reading time, meditating time, praying time, stilling mind time and more.

Early morning
appointment for bladder and kidneys
wish it did not bother me so much.

Arthritis in knees
as I was told it would continue to be this.

Only strong pain medication will help the pain
not for me yet.

I love writing
and need to have a clear mind.


Pienosole said...


Friko said...

Just do what ou want to do and enjoy. There is absolutely no need for elders to follow the herd.
I hope the health problems will settle down and you can live peacefully and happily in your little cottage in the woods.

Nancy said...

I do neither. I am 67, and retired from teaching 8 years ago. So, just to clarify, I can do this social media ‘stuff’ but I feel my business should be shared with my closest friends and family. At this point I resent the time I spend playing online Srabble with my family. I agree that you should concentrate on doing things that feel rewarding to your soul. Reading is a biggie for most.

Tabor said...

So sorry for the pain. Is there a pain management clinic in the city? Sometimes there are ways to use less drugs. I am glad you have prayer and meditation and writing. Keep writing because it allows you to put the energy onto screen or paper and see it from the outside.

Wisewebwoman said...

I love your header. I monitor my time. My fave is blogging. I post the odd time on Insta and check FB once or twice a day, mainly the secret groups I belong to. But don't waste time on the reams of rubbish.

Our time is far more valuable as we age and most of my social time is spent face to face with friends or family.


Rebecca said...

Oh, how wise! Every moment is precious. Too valuable for addiction of any sort except for joy.

PatK said...

Keep writing because I find it helps me to think, slow down and grow.I don't do FB or Instagram. My only addiction is blogs like yours that inspire me to reflect and look forward even as I value my memories. Every day is a gift as is every thought you share.