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Friday, April 20, 2018

Morel Mushrooms

Morel Mushrooms
this one knows nothing about them.   I do remember building several times on this land
a truck would pull in and someone getting out and inquiring could they hunt for them.
Years ago
I would always reply "yes."
but stopped when I had a little more knowledge about this special mushroom.

The young woman now helping me ------ and have to share that I could not make it without her
She arrives in the evening for a few hours and I think I will adopt her.
shared some information I did not know.

These unusual looking Mushrooms usually surface about the time the May Apples

are blooming and they are blooming everywhere in my woods.
Love the look

When you pick the mushroom,  never put in a paper bag
they must go in a net bag like onions or potato's come in at the store.
She shares that when you pick them
many seeds you cannot see are falling to the ground and will become the mushrooms next year.

Checked online and this mushroom about $30 a lb.

She is coming early this evening to hunt for the Morel.

Tells me they are delicious
a delicacie in restaurants
but going through so much with health at this time
probably will not chance tasting them.

Different types of the Morel Mushroom...


kerrdelune said...

Love morels, but it will be a while until we see them here - we still have snow!

Bluebird49 said...

I've heard of Morels, but don't know if they grow here in Tidewater, VA.

Rebecca said...

How wonderful to have such a knowledgeable companion! Too bad you have to pass them up! I hear they are quite the luxury 😊

Sallysmom said...

So glad to see you blogging again. Take care of yourself.

Marcie said...

We love morels but not many grow on our own acres. When we do find a few, we leave most and carry the rest in loosely woven mesh bag to scatter the spores. It will be nice for you to provide the joy of mushroom gathering in your woods to your kind helper!

Judy said...

I don't eat mushrooms of any kind, but did go on a Morel hunt up north one year. There was a slight hill in the woods. The mushrooms grew all over the side of that hill. The mushroom are hard to see, so we walked along a path at the base of the hill and bent over and looked up the hill--we could see them better that way. Got a couple of net bags full--everyone said they were delicious cooked in butter.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

When I was a child my mom and I, and my cousins, used to hunt morel mushrooms in the spring, sometimes in woods along the Mississippi River and sometimes in the woods at my cousins' house. May apple plants were always blooming nearby and so were wild grape vines. The morels, some call them sponge mushrooms, were usually hard to spot among the brown leaves that covered the ground in the woods. It was so much fun, like hunting Easter eggs, but harder to see, and made for a wonderful time walking through the woods. I haven't been mushroom hunting in many, many years, but every few years I still have very vivid dreams about mushroom hunting, and wake up missing my Mom and cousins, and hunting mushrooms.

If you like to eat other types of mushrooms and can possibly feel up to tasting one of the morels that your friend may find and cook, I would encourage you to try at least a very small taste of one. I believe they are the most delicious mushrooms of all.

Gemma's person said...

yes, morels are tasty treats.
Glad you are feeling up to blogging.