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Thursday, April 26, 2018


Love this image just received from granddaughter Jessica in New York
My son and my first great grandchild - Graham Nolen
My son arrived yesterday for a weekend with boyhood friends

Those who flow as life flow
know they need no other force

All  successful relationships
require in depth discussion
of your
and boundaries

Which are negotiable and some which are not.

Flowers look beautiful and healthy  as they emerge, feeders and yard filled with all kinds of birds
and the trees, grass, all growing is the most beautiful shade of green.

Love this cottage by the woods, Shingles still on right side of face but I am doing a little more
each day.

It is difficult for to believe that Shingles on my face would change my world so in 3 months.
Still trying to regain strength and weight,  eating all I can.   Maybe this is normal when you become

So thankful for this long visit from my son and know it will soon be ending, wonderful memories
tucked in my heart, he has left nothing undone.   Next week hoping he can take me to some special
places, wish I was not using walker at this time but maybe continual exercises will strengthen me
and I will return to like I was in November.


Nan said...

Wonderful picture! And your words. So eloquent. I'm very happy you are in your home again.

Sallysmom said...

What a wonderful pic!

Judy said...

Some days it seem that just getting dressed is such an effort.
This has been an awfully long haul for you. I'm glad now I got my Shingles vaccine shot because I could never be as brave as you are.

Tabor said...

So sorry for your long illness. It has knocked the wind out of your sails, but you are now on the mend. That great-grandchild is the future. Maybe you can get someone to be with you in the daytime? But so glad you are back at home.

lil red hen said...

Such a precious picture!
All the little ups and downs of aging do seem to just creep up on us. I'm trying very hard not to give in to them. :) I too am glad you're feeling better.

Sallysmom said...

Enjoy these days with Jimmy to the fullest. Store up lots of memories.

Carolyn Marie said...

I am glad that you have such a wonderful family and that you are enjoying life again.

kerrdelune said...

Wonderful photo, Ernestine. Please be gentle with yourself as you make your way back to robust good health.

Pienosole said...

Much inspiration and joy felt reading this post. I'm happy for you. And yes, please be kind to, and patient with, yourself as you continue to move forward in your healing,strength and ability to do more of what you like to do. Sending smiles and hugs to you. :-) :-) HUG HUG ;-)

Wisewebwoman said...

Always love reading you but especially when you turn corners.


Rebecca said...

"He's left nothing undone!" Quite a reflection of time well spent. I pray you can enjoy the remaining days with love and appreciation flooding every minute you spend together. May health continue to crowd out pain and discomfort; peace replace any and all anxiety. ♥

Bluebird49 said...

I know having your son home is just the medicine you need! Hope the shingles is about over. I have never heard anyone say, "Oh, Shingles? Not a bother!"
Quite the opposite, in fact. I hope it skips over me!!
Enjoy your son---I can already tell you do!!💗

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

what wonderful and inspiring comments
sent to me

you are all special
know this in your heart
and appreciated so much

you are my HEALERS