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Monday, April 16, 2018

Shingles at 7 Weeks

They keep saying
it is ending
but has not yet...
Most pain I have ever known in my 83 years, maybe it is the age when on the face.
Eye sight and hearing returning.....

Now down to 2 inch on right side of face,  strip from lip, up the cheek, hair line and ear.
So very painful.....
Can put glasses on and hold right side out to write some and yesterday first time in weeks
read N.Y. Times.  interesting article on o to do list.
Mine is only healing..

So good to see most of family on Friday and Saturday, a lot of good food, hugs and I am so proud
of them as I look around the room.
Tried to get some good pictures, not possible as seems relearning much, even my camera.

My youngest granddaughter's, oh my so grown up and my mind set in the time zone of them
being much younger then - now 15 soon 16 and one just turned 13.  Now a boyfriend for the soon 16 year
old, seems all pictures had them of him  and this one could not say "will you move."

My oldest daughter-my Laurie from Florida and her husband and my son.

What would I do without Jimmy, 2 weeks with me now (more to come)  and his guiding me through meditation,
his voice  put me in a trance.  Told him he needs to make a CD.
He guides me through relaxation, walks through my flowers and into the woods with its
towering trees.  Has taken me to doctor, eye doctor and dentist, checking all.  The best dish
washer in the world.   God Bless you my son.....

So just checking in, so good to be home March 2nd , never will I leave my woods again.

Thankful for those who pop in for 10 minutes and my special young lady who comes in the evening for a few hours, a special one who has spent many Saturday nights with me, sleeping on my recliner and bringing me breakfast Easter Morning, God Bless you Linda.....
and helps me have a restful night and my ever faithful Major, who takes me to appointments, does
grocery shopping and more when Jimmy is not here,  the young man who went to school with Jamie - who grooms the yard.

My blessings over flow, but wonder will I ever be like last November, driving, doing much myself.

I do all I know to do, off of pain medication, do not want.

Love to all the many who have contacted me and my special family even through at times they
could not stand their mama's pain and were silent for a while.  It is alright as I understand as all I have
been in many ways seemed to stop for a while, never needed help and now do and all of family
so busy.....


Unknown said...

Great to find your message! Pleased you have so many caring, helpful, and generous people around you and that you’re home. ❤️ Sending healing thoughts and hugs.πŸ€—☀️🌸🌺🌷🌼

Mitzi said...

so happy to log on and see words from you.Whatever would we do without our families?I pray that you will regain strength and those darn shingles will soon be gone for good.

Rebecca said...

Good to see you at home. Sorry about residual pain. Sounds like you've worked out a way to stay where you want to be...❤️

Judy said...

Just think--you are now closer to being back to normal than you were 4 months ago! You are going to be well. Nice that your kids could be there with you, especially son who is staying a bit longer. XX OO

Bobbie said...

So happy you are back in your special home in the woods :) I pray for you. Bobbie

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

So glad to read this post telling of your being back home, and of the wonderful care givers in your life.

I also pray for you and send you lots of love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

Marcie said...

Glad you are in your woods. Continued prayers for your healing.

Carolyn Marie said...

I am so grateful that you have written. You have been through so much in these last months! It is wonderful to have your lovely family around you and your son home. To be back in your woodland home must be icing on the cake! Peace.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

It makes me happy
to see you back to living in your house in the woods, just in time for Spring, too. Wonderful. Take care. You have a lovely family.

Wisewebwoman said...

So great to hear from you. May your healing continue. Glad you are back in your haven and your son taking care of you.

Big hugs.


Gemma's person said...

Good to read your words, to know you are at home and love surrounds you. Peace in your heart as it seems to be in your world.

MsGraysea said...

Good Morning, Ernestine!!

I am so happy to know you are back at your haven, and surrounded by all your favorite people and things. Soon you will have lots of the beauty you and nature created to light up your woods (they may even be there already - we are still in winter here on Cape Cod!).
May the pain of shingles be less everyday. I know well how relentless it can be and how SLOWLY the recovery moves along.

You have such a lovely family.......With love and peace to you, Marcia

Sharon said...

Ernestine, I am so glad you have returned home. What a blessing that your son is there to help with your healing, and your family came to visit. As your garden comes to life may your healing continue. Sending all good thoughts ~

PatK said...

It’s so good to ‘hear’ your voice again. You are an inspiration. Keep improving. What a loving family you have created.

kerrdelune said...

Ernestine, so glad you are home again and surrounded by loving family. So happy to find your words here. Sending you healing thoughts and much love.

Bluebird49 said...

I am so glad to see you feeling a bit better, and HOME! Where your heart is.
Wonderful for you to have a marvelous son like Jimmy! I wish he could stay, but home is where his heart is, too.

Nan said...

Beautifully written. Thinking of you and hope each day you will be better and stronger and happier.