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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Had to Get Out

Still cool and sprinkling days.
Down the road I travel to the new expanding Market
something new
yogurt so similar to how they make in Italy.   I like the little glass jars with colorful tops.
Bought 2 and will try some in the morning.
Walking down every isle, finding new items, then to post office and my weekly
Pumpkin Latte from Dunkin Donuts, so good.
Home, did not feel like making soup and cooked small section of Salmon purchase
along with mushrooms and BokChoy
Have not seen radishes this small and healthy looking since Spring, did not have glasses to see
where they came from.   I like to slice paper thin and enjoy.
I like to carry an energy bar with me in the car.  Most of them too hard for me to chew
another one buying some suggested "Larabar" purchased a Fruit and Green and a Peanut Butter

Told I am not eating enough with 2 small meals and must add some more during the day
besides the Ensure with Ice Cream :)
Also purchased some ground turkey to make patties for turkey burgers  and ground pork
to make my own sausage using my Sage.   This is an experiment, can mix and freeze and take
out what I need....

Wanted to purchase a turkey breast or small turkey for Thanksgiving and told they were in just had not been put out.
I know the small size goes quickly....


Lenora, Scottsdale said...

Hello Ernestine. Always good to read your blogs. We all are in the Thanksgiving mode. I bought my turkey breast two weeks ago when they went on sale at 99 cents a pound. The closer we get to Thanksgiving the higher the price will go. Only having hubby, my self and two friends so ten pound breast will be fine plus I will also do a small ham. Love this holiday but try to do a lot ahead of time just in case the back decides to act up on Thanksgiving day. Hope you have decided on the three shot knee injections, I have heard many positive things about this procedure. Take good care of you, you are in my prayers. Lenora

Rebecca said...

Hmmmmmmmmmm. All this food talk is making me hungry!
I need to raise some sage! I sometimes am able to purchase fresh ground pork but wasn't sure how to season it to taste more sausage-y. Reading this, I'm SURE it's sage. And adding the ground turkey is such a good idea.
Sounds like you had a fine excursion that included a bit of discovery.
I'm amazed at all the new products that come out...

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Lenora, seems late here for turkeys to be in local store, plan on buying one this morning and also a small ham. This jell procedure I am hearing a lot of not so good things about it
have not decided :)
Rebecca, so much new out and I am always checking out healthy items, want no medication
if possible :)

Judy said...

Did you mail me a pretty card with a note inside saying, "Don't run out of Diet Pepsi"?