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Sunday, October 8, 2017

I Look Back Through the Years

Update at 1:00
I was going to delete this post
as different comments from several children.
Just noticted that 186 prople had already read it this morning
so guess I will leave it.  It is me and part of my journey..

Was not going to post today, thought tomorrow, but with rain a long day ahead and not planning on posting tomorrow, I will post this Sunday morning.....

Have dates wrong, just estimated.

40 years ago with my mother at my special farm house
I can see it from the windows of this much loved cottage that sits by the woods.
first grandchild, my Jessica
Jamie and this one 30 years ago.
First trip after my divorce 42 years ago with Jimmy and Jamie.  Oh my how I have wanted
to return,  It never happened and I dream of the 14 times on that island.

starting over in the country house with my 2 youngest, older in college
and bless his heart my son back and forth to city school
a new life and it was finally the real me

Jamie and I - a new life in the country

20 years ago Jessica and grandma I love a swing - one at every home
Amelia about 8 years ago
about 5 years ago, my Laurie the oldest and her 2 children, my grandchildren Jessica and Gavin
and my son, Jimmy.
With granddaughter Sarah, the chef - 3 years ago
I was 2 months pregnant with my Jamie at this time, Laurie, Beth, Jimmy and special daughter Mary who was with me for 14 years, divorce coming A stormy time and so sorry.  A marriage that produced wonderful talanted children but was not good for me with so much responsibilty on me with managing a lot in our business, home, children and a husband I could not depend on.
A business that was the American dream come true, grew rapidly and was closed with recession.
vowed never to share, these years truly were the unhappiest time in my life 
living room and my bedroom in the fine city home
never missed it as this life almost destroyed me.
pictures not in order cannot find many

last year

2 years ago

Now traveling
through these  80,s
where has time gone ?
My life has included everything, Happiness, creating, careers, sadness, good  health and never health problems until
last few years when happiness and peace over flows in my soul.


Marcie said...

Thank you for this photo journey through your life. Even the sad and difficult times ate part of our story, and help to make us who we are. Love that you have come full circle and are living in peace at the edge of the woods. Thank you for sharing your journey with wisdom and grace, here, where it may inspire others.

Sallysmom said...

Wonderful photos & mostly wonderful memories. A life lived will always have bad & good. Take care.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Marcie and Sallysmom, thank you and now as day continues onward
wonder if I should have written this post. I have always thought that if you are going
to write, be honest...

Rebecca said...

So many memories....
You've remained beautiful and emerged wiser from the accumulation of experiences.

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Rebecca, thought of deleting this post as a different comment from each child.
I try so hard and fail often.
On second thought not deleting
because it is my life.
I smile at all of it
and God's love for me...

Wisewebwoman said...

Own your life my dear Ernestine. It's your perspective. And we have both diamonds and stones in our days.

I hold nothing back as you know and I feel it important to share both for myself and to help others.reading of constant sunshine in others' lives is utterly depressing.

I saw this glowing couple on Facebook tonight, everybody commenting how lovely they are and I was a witness to his attempted murder of her six months ago.


Lenora, Scottsdale said...

Birthday wishes to you Ernestine. I love reading your notes and look for them everyday. Sometimes I look in the middle of the night when pain prevents me from sleeping and I don't feel so alone. Love your garden and family photos. Now in Arizona we are planting our winter garden. Petunias, pansies and snap dragons. 40 years here and I have never gotten use to winter gardening, still think of NY gardening schedule. Bought my flowers yesterday at Home Depot and hubby and I planted a few this morning. Not like the "blind leading the blind", more like the "crippled leading the crippled". With my bad back and hubby's bad legs we will do a little each morning until everything is planted. I miss not being able to have the garden of years ago. Lush and big but just too much for me now. Happy that we can do the small amount we can. Wishing you a happy week. Bless you for the joy you give to me and others. So glad I found you

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

WWW, thank you, your words always help me and yes I have to be honest with all I say.
Lenora, bless your sweet heart we travel onward and I am honored that you enjoy reading about my journey through this life. We have much in common and I am up in the night posting :)

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Dear Ernestine ~ Once again you inspire me. You have lived and are still living a full life, filled with love, joy, family, good food, friends. You are a survivor.

Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Lorraine, yes a survivor
but guess really never expected health problems
this was not wise of me :)
your words on your blog always speak to me

Judy said...

That's why I love to blog--we can be open and honest about our lives--warts and all.
It's good for our children to know what we went through. Hopefully, they will realize, everything we did, including staying married longer than we should have and even getting divorced, was all in consideration of them.
I never expected to be where and how I am now either. Still surprises me that I can't do it all in one day, like I used to in my 60's. BUT---we are up and moving and living!!!

Bluebird49 said...

I've loved this stroll through your life with photos

Thank you, Ernestine! You are right, happy times or not, it is a picture of your life!

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Judy and Bluebird49, thank you