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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Beautiful but Dry Week - Maybe this weekend Rain

Wishing for rain, do not want to lose any of my favorite flowers I have kept in my downscaled garden,

Found the picture of my granddaughter that is expecting
what a beautiful baby
and another memory picture
this child would sit in my lap as I cut grass on the tractor, she would always fall asleep
so many wonderful past memories.

I found out what is happening to lower legs -Stasis Dermatitis.  A part of my immune disorder,
inflammation.   So I elevate some, keep lotions applied.  I do not have varicose veins, heart problem
of on blood thinner.  Doctor requesting I go see another doctor (Surgeon) how scary to see if blood
flow is normal

I read a lot and do a lot of research and guess I have my own ideas and not the Ideal Patient.  I smile at the one who said this about me - he is right on target :) Bless him and wish I could adopt him
so helpful he is to me....
I am not taking pain pills suggested as I cannot think clear with them.  Would rather have pain and
be able to think.

I have not come to a conclusion about health issues going on.   Told that surgery not an option for
knee that is wearing out just keep taking cortisone.

Made Chile on Monday, for 2 days good - I put carrots, celery, onions and from chef granddaughter
now corn.   Just put remainder in 3 cartons in freezer.  This along with usual ground beef, tomato's
chili powder and anything else I think would be good in this :)   It Was Good....

Day has gone by so quickly and nothing planned for 2nd meal.   Think I will scramble an egg
add mushrooms and mixed greens, do have some turkey sausage.   This will do.

Fall Break next week and hoping to see my Jamie and girls and maybe my Beth who hopefully
feels better...

My writer daughter shared on Instagram

"Love is the most durable Power in the world'

Martin Luther King......

she is so right
this special child of mine
but then
they are all special to me....


Marcie said...

I love the story you shared about a child falling asleep on your lap as you mowed the lawn. I have had that happen... oh, those beautiful little helpers! I loved the weight of them against me as they fell asleep. How peaceful! Thank you for stirring up my memories!

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Oh Marcie, yes - such wonderful memories
now she was much smaller then in this image
they loved my mower :)

Rebecca said...

What wonderful memories connect you to the present!
I agree about preferring pain to not being able to think....but when pain obliterates one's ability to think, THEN what?!?
Your approach to chili sounds a bit like my own! I'll be preparing it with increasing frequency as weather grows cooler...
Wondering: Do you have a CD player? I have a CD I'd love to send you. If so, send me your mailing eaddress to

Judy said...

Yes, with the chill coming on and the darker supper time, I need to make and freeze a big pot of Chili. Thanks for the reminder.

Joyce F said...

Always glad to see a post from you. Keep on keeping on!

Mel Reardon said...

Keep being strong in your own way. I too am independent, although sometimes that is lonely. You are loved; never forget.


My Journey To Mindfulness said...

So many wonderful comments
thank you to all of you
and to think we have never met
and you encourage me onward
Bless you....