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Saturday, October 14, 2017

UPDATING - Fainting and My Pretty Girls

Will continue.  Wednesday night, pain increasing and continually told to take Tramadole, even 2.and never have so I though Thursday morning I had a good breakfast so morning I took one.
I took Thursday morning at 10 and in the next 15 minutes broke out in a heavy sweat,
sick at my stomach and headed for bathroom.   I woke up on the floor, had fainted.
so all night Friday very high blood pressure and called emailed son in Thailand when I wrote "call me"
he immediately did, they are 12 hours ahead, 
he told me to call 911 and go to ER.   Just hated to call but now blood pressure over 200 all night and called 9l1/
After I woke up on floor Tramadol had taken affect and less pain.   Had a huge know on top of head.
ribs were very sore.  Just stayed here will pain, head and ribs aching, did not want to go to ER/
Friday night awake all night and emailed my son in Thailand he immediately emailed me, could not reach daughters at the time in the night,
So call 9ll, this experience frightens me as I have done 2 other times in the past.
Er eukaryote, cat scan, and so thankful just badly bruised ribs and top of head.
So today just not feeling well, slight headache and slight nauseated., no appetite.
Pushing food or ensure and told to rest ( I am not a good resting person)
Told this will take a while to heal and not feel pain in rib cage and on top of head.
I could have broken something. SO THANKFUL
So called receptionist - nurse and doctor not available, she said she would pass on.
Have not heard from doctor ?
Friday visit from Jamie and girls and today my Beth arrived
the helper I use is on vacation and will be back on Tuesday.
A little confused hope this makes sense, just had not planned on ER visit
but glad I did so I know what is going on...

they made a visit yesterday - so welcome they were

Shelby (Caitlin's best friend) my Jamie, Caitlin and Amelia.

Oh my, so pretty and smart they are
my blessings overflow.

I tell Jamie - Please guard them .....

This morning, my Beth is arriving to take her mama to the grocery and gas in car.

To be continued
finally a Tramadol pain pill
fainting and 911.


Bobbie said...

Ernestein, So sorry to hear about the fainting an 911 :( So glad your family
was there. Hoping you are feeling better. I will be praying for you. Bobbie

Rebecca said...

Dear Ernestine, thankful you had time with your pretty girls...
Did you try to keep up? Hope you're resting and regaining strength. ♥

Bluebird49 said...

Glad for your girls visiting! I am so sorry for your fainting and falling! Am so glad no broken bones! Does Tramadol usually cause your blood pressure to rise and to make you sick?! Maybe a talk with your doctôr this coming week? I know you don't like to take meds!

Lenora, Scottsdale said...

My dear Ernestine. So sorry to hear of your latest health issues and your trip to the Emergency Room. How frightening for you. Glad the girls have visited and you have someone there with you. I have been looking for you everyday.....thank you for the update on what is going on. I wish you better days, less pain and some serenity in the coming days. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Lenora

Pienosole said...

Glad you're safe and have no broken bones. I too am wary of medication. Perhaps a smaller dose when you do need this? Sending deep breaths and big hugs. :-)

joared said...

Glad you got to ER though know you didn’t want to go. Perhaps calling them first, family later would save time which can sometimes be important. Maybe having a couple plastic bags together for a burp bag with a tie (like airlines have) within reach wherever you are, so you don’t have to walk to bathroom — or even one in there in case you’re “running at both ends” — could help minimize falls, especially on hard surfaces. Glad no broken bones & family able to come to you. Do feel better.

Judy said...

I hope Beth can stay with you for awhile.
It is soooooo scary to be alone when these things happen.
I can't take Tramadol or Vicodin--it makes me dizzy, sick and gives me hallucinations!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

thanks to each of you
continuing onward
was painful and now more so
but ever thankful
for a good mind
help and I will heal
just need to be more careful then in the past.

Nan said...

Very, very frightening. I love how quickly your son responded from so far away.