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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Wonderful Sun

I sit on the deck
in the wonderful sun
it has been so long, at the ,moment a break from the rain
Girls thought I needed a second set of eyes to look at damage I did 3 weeks ago hit my leg on a glass shelf,
so RN daughter took me to Nashville to the Vanderbilt Clinic.  So nice the surroundings
and the young doctor a graduate from Harvard.
said it was healing, stay on antibiotic, elevate and ice and also it will take a long time to heal.
Thankful it is not swelling as much.

Words I read this morning 
"you do not need to keep up a false front of perfection, fake people
must maintain an  image, real people do not care...


Rebecca said...

I like it that you are a "real person" :)
Praying that you continue to heal and follow Dr.'s instructions...

Val said...

The world needs more real people. Always. ♥

Pienosole said...

Sending many healing wishes and hugs! :-)

Wisewebwoman said...

Tack. It looks painful. Glad you got it seen to.

Take care of yourself m'dear.


Judy said...

YEEOUCH! I am on a blood thinner so things like that take forever, not only to quit bleeding, but to heal. I'm glad you had a doctor look at it. Did he ask why you hadn't come in sooner?

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Rebecca, Val, Pienosole, WWW and Judy - thank you
I went to local doctor last week and put on strong antibiotic
but injury not looking any better so that is why went to another doctor,
It stays painful and hoping soon it will heal more

Pienosole said...

That's a difficult area to heal (I know this from 2 friends having wounds there). You might ask your doctor if you could try a paste of turmeric and honey. I continue to send healing thoughts and hugs.

Tabor said...

As we age it takes longer and longer to heal. Just avoid infection by being over careful. It looks like it hurts, hope it does not.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Tabor, thank you, yes painful..

Sky said...

Yikes. I would have worried about cellulitis, especially with that redness. Glad you have seen the doc and are on a strong antibiotic. Now if you will keep it elevated and get the swelling out it will begin to feel better. Swelling causes a lot of our discomfort with injuries. I noticed in your pics the steps without a railing outside. I hope you don't use those! That is a big NO-NO! Someone should be able to put a railing on one side for you.

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

sky, have someone putting up another railing...

MsGraysra said...

Such an awful injury! I am so sorry. These seemingly little thing, really set one back. I agree that area can take a long time to heal. With your very healthy diet, it should move along quickly. I love you corn and green bean dinners and will be off to find some today.
We are finally getting some green here but trees are not leafed out yet and it has been the 30's some mornings this week and temps in 40-50 range. Next week they promise warmth.

Hope your healing is coming well, and I just got your corn bread recipe out the other day to share with my sister. So good. If I were near, you would have some right away!
The best to you......and love that you listen to the sea. Marcia

Bluebird49 said...

What a bad place. :( It is good for me to read you! Do take don't know what a wonderful influence you are!