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Monday, May 8, 2017

Country Food and Sleeping Help

My son took me to some special places for lunch during his long visit and Beth last Saturday
on trip to Nashville for leg.   Really like my food the best but it is nice to get every now and then.
Most of that has stopped for a while.

I like my food the best, not eating too good lately, no appetite and checked out the freezer
A bag of fresh corn that had been cut off of the cob, blue lake green beans and I thought
I had used all of my sweet baking items and there it was, one last loaf of my Blueberry Bread.

So cooked the best lunch of corn, green beans (frozen from a friend's garden) cabbage (and I add chopped carrots, potato, onion and a small amount of Polish Sausage.

Food for the next 2 days,  it was so good .  Missing my corn bread and not up to baking at this time.
Always so much in her freezer as they have a huge garden, just called and ask if she had any
extra corn and green beans in her freezer, she does and buying for Mother's Day lunch
and girls can bring the rest.

Lately do not sleep well and pulled out my little sound machine last week, could hardly hear it
and when checked Amazon this machine is 6 years old (no wonder) and I only play the
ocean tape.   The sound of the waves coming in and out is so relaxing and brings back so
many wonderful memories.
from Amazon $19 and my new one just arrived.


Rebecca said...

Oh, that is JUST the motivation I need to purchase a sound machine!

Your meal looks healthy and inviting. Don't give up eating. Keep posting your beautiful plates. It inspires me.

I'm enjoying cooking since my father moved in with us. Before, it was just easier to run up to the local cafe and eat. No prep; no cleanup. Now much more intentional and healthy.

I have a rhubarb crisp in the oven for our dessert tonight. (A friend has invited us to help ourselves to her rhubarb -- all we want. So far, I've made a rhubarb pie and some sauce which I served over icecream to some guests....)

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Rebecca, the sound machine has nature sounds, rain, several others and cannot remember at the moment, I love listening to the ocean tape. You can play 15, 30 minutes or leave it.
It makes me focus the pleasing sound

PatK said...

You always present your food so beautifully it is an inspiration to me. Watching Spring arrive in your country home is a gift to me. I love the spring best of all and miss watching for the daffodils to bloom on the hill behind my previous home. You have a lovely succession of flowers to look out at and your photos give me some of that joy too.

Thank you

Wisewebwoman said...

Sorry to hear you've lost your appetite. Your plates are inspiring though I have to say corn doesn't agree with me apart from your great cornbread recipe.

I love your good pics always so lovely.

I hope your new machine soothes. I have the ocean at my front door (for now).


Laura said...

I haven't been by in such a long time... I was thinking of you today and decided to check in and say hello. I hope the new sound machine helps you to rest well dear one.

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Laura, thank you so very much
remember through the years
our sharing.
Health not what it use to be
but God is always so good to me.
You are a gift this day...

joared said...

Hope your sleep improves now that you have your sound machine. I've always enjoyed soft instrumental orchestral music -- no vocals-- to hypnotically soothe and lull me to sleep. Visual presentation of your food is attractive. Expect the aroma is appealing and expect the taste is, too. If not the latter, perhaps with aging your taste isn't as sensitive which some experience and you might consider seasoning tweaking. Certainly you'll want to maintain your nourishment by some means, especially if you're not cooking as much, as you well know. :-) I recall my mother saying that on some occasions she made herself eat.

Pienosole said...

Thinking of you this morning. Hope you've enjoyed some sound rest and rediscovered some appetite. I know I enjoy reading about and seeing the tasty things you make and eat. How is your garden these days? Sending positive thoughts and hugs. :-)

Bluebird49 said...

I'm glad to see you eat such beautiful food! Can they give you anything to give you an appetite? I hope. I don't gain much, but am too heavy for my thin bones, too! Uncle "Arthur" has found me the last few years. :(
You remind me I need to clean out my freezer...hopefully will feel up to getting fresh corn from "Brother's garden and putting up a few jars of pickle---if this young-old body allows!
You inspire me so much!