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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Wonderful Cool Arriving and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BETH

Here it is November and I am tired of weather in the 80's.
Cooler and a little rain expected this afternoon.

Fortunate to have several day's of help cleaning the woods.
Goal to go back 50 to 60 feet, picking up limbs, trimming and cutting down some very small tree's.

A memory going back 8 years of this one daily walking in the woods, picking up limbs,
clippers in hand trimming as I walked, making paths and using blower to clear the way.
Oh, how I enjoyed doing this and wrote about it many times in the past.
Now with several years of not doing this the woods are a tangle of branches and my paths
can hardly be seen.
The new look as work continues

I loved do this and miss it tremendously.  When someone here working and near by I will
venture slowly into the woods but smart enough to know I cannot do it alone as I cannot
stumble and fall.

Today I must tackle paper work on desk and do not like the many hours on phone yesterday
with Verizon.   In the past always received an email warning me of over usage used.
Decided to call and way over time and large bill, they told me they had been contacting me
and I said nothing was received, seems they had been texting me and I do not text.....
So more phone calls when bill received.

My Beth's birthday is today
and I send her my love.    She is coming on Saturday and I was taking her out to eat in
this small local town and asked if she would like me to cook for us and she replied "oh yes."
So her favorite, a roast and veggies, corn bread, sweet tea and will plan desert,   Have
requested a fresh Apple Cake from young woman near by that bakes and hope it arrives
but always have something I bake on hand,

A favorite picture of my girl, she always loved horses, growing up her sister Laurie
and her would go to local riding club behind our farm where they grew up.
It was an entirely different lifestyle then when we moved to big city of Nashville
and large home was remodeled, featured in Southern Living Magazine and her, sister
Laurie and brother Jimmy went to private school.   My youngest Jamie does not
remember that as she was a toddler and all soon ended and her, Jimmy and mom moved
to the old farm house, Laurie and Beth in college and the real me came to life,  a different lifestyle and the happiest of memories continue with me
in a cottage on this property.
So many wonderful memories...

Enough shared this early morning as day begins.


Sallysmom said...

Thank you for sharing all these memories. Enjoy your visit with your loved one.

Tabor said...

Glad you grabbed the latter part of you life by the horns. You are lucky in both knowing what you wanted from life and being able to do it. So many are not so lucky. You also have a great support team in your family which means you did something right as a parent!

Judy said...

Your memories brought a flash back to my mind.
Living in a 3,500 square feet house--big farm--the kids involved in everything--never a worry about money.
But, like you, I am happier now than in those days.
960 square feet house is easier to take care of and gives me time for hobbies that I have always enjoyed.
Have a wonderful time with Beth--I know you both will.

Beside a babbling brook... said...

A very Happy Birthday to your daughter!

Wisdom, that you are having someone else, clear your paths in your woods. We must learn lots of wisdom, now. To maintain our health, in our "olden" years. :-)

We don't text either! And our (another) phone co. sends emails, of their bills. Must be sure, they don't start texting now, too. Thank you.

Gentle November hugs,
Luna Crone

Summer said...

Happy Birthday to Beth ♥

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

I envy your island living
Many years ago visited the islands and loved the ocean and the food.
Still hear the ocean in my dreams.
How did you find me?
and thank you for your comment :)

Mitzi said...

I am like you, I love to tame the woods. We are in a condo now and I have still managed to clear out the woods behind us. Love, love working outdoors too.
Enjoy time with your daughter.