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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sunday is Cold

It is way past time for this cold weather to arrive.  Think it has arrived.

Saturday made Chili cooked and will be so good for the next several days.
I make it different then most people.
A good friend now gone over 15  years made it this way,
adding  chopped celery, carrots and the usual onions ground beef, red pinto beans
and chopped tomato's, along with Chili Powder, I do not use much hot seasoning,
tears up my stomach.   Now my son would use a lot of not sauce, does on everything
but not is mama.

Clarice this is the way you made your chili and now I do it this way,
seems I am receiving a few more vegetables.

When a small amount is left I add some pasta and top with cheese.
Cooked in mother's iron dutch oven she gave me.   Anything you cook in this
dutch oven turns out wonderful.... A roast falls apart.
Clarice I miss you...
She has been gone about 14 years.   Her hair was always black until aneurysm surgery
and then turned snow white after it grew back in.
I remember this Fall day so well, her daughter took her and I and another friend
to a park with an old bridge and Chris her daughter made a wonderful picnic lunch.
Spread a blanket on the ground and enjoyed this Fall afternoon,
Miss so many old friends so very much and most are all gone and guess they are all gone.
You do not meet many new special friends after 75, true for me but maybe not for others.

A special friend came by this morning and had tea and blueberry bread with me, I talked so
much more then usual.  She helped me put the contoured sheet on my bed and saw how
difficult it is :)   Polly, thank you so much for the visit and please come again...

I keep a well stocked pantry
just in case not up to shopping
and for some reason Callie's dry food almost gone
so need to make another to market.

Needed to anyway as thinking of adding Butternut Squash or Acorn Squash to
Thanksgiving dinner.   Always make a topping of rice, onions and may add something else.


Tabor said...

You are what my daughter's generation calls a foodie. You love cooking and different recipes. You are so blessed having had that lovely friend. I have a few relatives like that, but I do not thin we are that close. You have a rich life. And, yes, my husband adds his own hot sauce to whatever I cook. I do like my food a little spicy but not crazy.

Wisewebwoman said...

You recipe for chili is nearly identical to mine except I do love spicy and I also add cocoa, the plain unsweetened old fashioned kind, just a tblsp to the mix. I usually freeze many tubs and also give to Daughter.

So sad about Clarice, I make very few new friends now. I do have my 28 year old new one and am delighted I have such fun with her. Rare I know.

It does get lonelier as we age. But they live on in our memories.


Candace said...

Many good memories can help sustain us in times of aloneness.
Add a can of plain pumpkin to your next batch of chili. Can't really taste it but adds another vegetable with a touch of sweetness and much fiber and goodness.

lil red hen said...

Ernestine, thank you for "missing" me. I guess I've sorta taken a break from blogging. Of course there was a lot of things to finish on the farm before cold weather: big chickens, hay harvest, and now, baby chickens again. Blogging takes a lot of time, loading pictures, correcting typing mistakes :) and coming up with a topic of interest. Maybe I should just be truthful and confess ~ I like to spend my spare time in the sewing room with needle, thread, and fabric. However, I do keep up with my online friends and I read your blog faithfully. God bless you, dear friend.

joared said...

Your chili looks delish! My husband always liked it spicy and hotter than I did, so if he chose to make some I had to be careful with each bite. As for fewer really good friends as we age -- life didn't permit my cultivating new friends the ten years or so before my husband died though I noted those and family were gradually either moving away, passing on or both -- surprisingly, many younger than me. The pace has not lessened, numbers have kept dwindling. I naively though there would be new friends to find but has not been so. I think it must be rare to develop similar deep relationships in later years as I've heard so many others express having the same experience. Recall one older friend writing me years ago from the opposite coast, "There are no friends like old friends." Now, no communique for many months from another friend in the Northeast. Glad you'll be enjoying family for Thanksgiving!