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Tuesday, November 8, 2016


it is 3:00 on Tuesday afternoon and wonder who will be the winner of this horrible election.

Cooler weather has finally arrived and so have the mountain of leaves and a lot more to fall.

Beth's birthday lunch on Sunday was so good and was happy she wanted it here in this
cottage, I truly do not like going out anymore.

The best healer arrived yesterday and the ultra sound machine worked its miracle.
Always successful pain relief for 3 or 4 hours and then the arthritis pain returns and I am still
complaining about it, do not like the cane but do not know what I would do without it
and realize if this is all that happens in these last years - how very fortunate I am.
Arthur will never know how thankful I am for him.
An image taken so my children can put a face to the person I talk about a lot.

Therapy stops next week and hopefully resumes after the first of next year,

"you will never know how strong you are
  until being strong is your only choice"

"some people feel the rain
  and others just get wet"               "Bob Marley"

Now I need to work on the paper work piled on my desk for weeks.
Organize my many books
and write my son
thanking him for all the unusual book marks from Thailand.

Wishes for safe time in Mexico for my Chef Granddaughter.

Quick trip to market
with no baking for months
and now returned to this enjoyment
so many spices out of date
and purchased many this morning,...


Rebecca said...

I enjoy hearing of your interesting life and determination to live it well.
Keep it up. What will you be baking?

Beside a babbling brook... said...

I am glad the ultra sound machine works, for a while, at least.

It seems you have a 2 story cottage. Wondering if this is difficult, with your arthritis? When my knees are "acting up," the stairs are not the easiest things...

I hope you enjoy your baking!

Gentle hugs,
Luna Crone

Judy said...

What a lovely weekend you had--I'm so glad.
Lovely sunny and warm weather here--a real oddity for a November in Michigan--as you probably remember.

joared said...

Sounds like an enjoyable bake time. Good you have relief from your ultrasound.

joared said...

Now we know how the election turned out. Better get on to some more baking. Maybe you'll want to ponder this FWIW. I highly recommend reading this commentary I became aware of just today. She's a prominent highly respected 49 year old Russian and American Journalist Masha Gessen who has had first hand experience living as a citizen in both countries:

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Joared, Thank you...

Marcie said...

Ernestine, Hope the remainder of your week has been pleasant. Would love to get a glimpse of those bookmarks from Thailand! I used to sort of collect bookmarks, but that has fallen by the way side. These days, I grab whatever scrap of paper I can find. lol

Sending love to you, dear Ernestine!