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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Stormy Night

Storms all night
lightning that never seemed to stop
and hail which was the biggest I have ever see.

The hail lasted about 15 minutes
and was hoping it did not break a window.

Electricity on and off all night
and as I was writing family to tell them
it went off again
just came on after 8 hours.

Wish I was not so sensitive
but it unsettled me.
I could not open garage door to back car out
and cell phone was going to need charging soon.
Hopefully this is all just a memory.

At the moment
sun is shining
and received call that
new insurance ok'd
more therapy sessions

Want to go once a week
instead of twice like in the past
as it really helps me with pain and balance,
and the people there
are so thoughtful
and kind
it is helpful.

So a horrible night
and most of day
but blessings arrived.


lil red hen said...

Storms at night always seem more frightening. We've been lucky and haven't had really bad weather, although a huge tree blew across the road we travel to the hay field. The rains have helped the flowers and vegetable garden. The foxgloves in your header are beautiful; would they be from the seed I sent to you? Probably not, but I have some which are the same colors.

Rebecca said...

Hope your last two words here are the beginning of the rest of your week :)
(It had to be unsettling...)

Judy said...

I don't like storms like that--ever.
At night, they seem twice as bad--the lightning brighter, the thunder louder.
Is that a strong, damaging wind I hear, or just really hard rain?
Being alone, seems to make these things every scarier.
But--"there's going to be a morning after, if we can hold on through the night."

Sallysmom said...

Glad to hear about the insurance approval. Glad the night and bad weather has passed.