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Monday, May 23, 2016

Last Friday

Rain almost stops
so I head to the Cracker Barrel
and lately their food is really good.
Half way it starts raining really hard
have not driven in the rain in several years
and I keep going with the thought
this good for me.

Child's plate of fish, cole slaw, turnip greens,
cornbread and a new offering which is so good
Blackberry Tea.

Large servings and I eat 1/2 and take the rest
home to warm and finish later in the day.
A lot of food for less then $10.00

As I drive
my mind continues,
in between the words "may I be happy, may I be safe, may I be well
and at peace and may I be filled with loving kindness"
this one experiences calmness with these words.

Thoughts begin to arise
so much from the past and I do not like their replay
then the present time arrives
one says
don't talk health
just breathe
don't talk weight
don't talk about  pain
and another
you are doing all you can
and I think you are amazing
a smile comes on my face....

A book has arrived "Natural History Of The Senses" by Diane Ackermandand I open at random and words about pain is on a few pages.    Shares about medications, meditation,
just letting it be (don't focus on it)  shares that pain is as much a emotional and psychological affliction
as a physical one.   Enough shared and will read all of this book soon and probably
underline much.

Also another book recently arrived "A Path With Heart" by Jack Kornfield.
Glanced through this book and will entirely soon and the habit of
underlining will continue

Paper work piled on desk and just do not feel like tackling
also a lot of ironing and this one always liked ironing on a rainy day
but not today.

Think I will just, relax like Callie who is now asleep by the door
and will finish my Blackberry Tea
an try and stop my mind...


Marcie said...

I have read the Diane Ackerman book, but it has been a long time. Hope you will post about both of these books when you finish. Would love to hear your insights.

Ah, blackberry tea sounds good. So does rain in fact! We have had very little this spring.

I hope this is a good week for you!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Looking forward to reading more about thoughts from these two books.

Your blackberry tea and a rainy day sounds so comforting.

Love, hugs & prayers for you dear Ernestine ~ FlowerLady

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

the blackberry tea
is from the Cracker Barrel
and brought some home.
is is ice tea
so good
they cook blackberries, strain,
make a syrup with sugar and add to water
to make the tea
have tasted tea
with strawberries
making the same way...

Tabor said...

Good for you in turning the day around! We have the power, but we sometimes forget.

Mary said...

Have A Path with Heart in my bookcase - a long time it has been there. I am glad to be reminded of it and to re-read. I remember loving it as I think you will. I enjoy your blog, your attitude and, of course, your wonderful food choices!

Judy said...

Pain affects us emotionally. It is hard to want to do anything, when in such pain.
I see my neighbor friend going through it now. A vibrant, lively woman, who at 74 still worked in retail everyday, who now comes over and sad face, never smiles, isn't really interested in conversation, except to dump her negativity onto me, and then shuffles back across the street to her home.

Wisewebwoman said...

Love this post as I can relate to the thoughts that come unbidden, reliving, re-experiencing and trying to stop it and failing sometimes, going with the flow.

Your dinner sounded great.


Sky said...

When I was in school I used to underline passages in my books so I could go back later and study those particular points. Do you also go back later and review the underlined material? Reading on a rainy afternoon is such an enjoyable activity for me. Hope you will give yourself more slower paced days like this - reading, meditating, napping, and resting. You've always seemed to be moving about or planning the next item on the agenda. Maybe your body needs this break! Sometimes I think getting a break IS the primary purpose of pain - a DEMAND for a break and for rest! Miss the Cracker Barrel - we don't have the chain here. I remember their delicious greens. I think of you often, Ernestine, and send good wishes your way.

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Sky, thank you
you made my day
I think you know me well
it is just difficult for me to slow down
seems so much to do and always behind.
I am trying and yes on underlining
sometimes I pick up a book and just read
what I have underlined
as that was important to me,
you take care of you.
The Cracker Barrel
my son said that years ago he would not eat there
but they have improved greatly
or I would not go there.
This one near me by the interstate
is new, so nice and when colder weather arrives
nice to sit by the wood burning fireplace.

Pienosole said...

Sending smiles and hugs to you. :-)

Sky said...

maybe your son was concerned about reports that cracker barrel has reportedly had long standing issues of equality regarding employment practices and customer service practices in the areas of race, gender identity, and sexual orientation. I heard they settled a lawsuit out of court several years ago, but I don't know which issue it was about. their ratings in these areas have fluctuated but were low comparatively speaking, I think, and their reputation has suffered. hearing about this caused me concern since I support equality in all areas and do not tolerate known discrimination. if we had the chain here I would have stayed more informed about this, but I do not know the details or how current the issues are at this point.

rain, rain, rain here - not hard rains, but drizzle. still, the damp weather does not help with my discomfort, and I am looking forward to sunny summer days. hugsss.