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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Cool and Misty Rain

Just came inside,4 bird feeders filled 1/3 as it is really high in price and cannot keep the squirrels
away in the evening.   Small bucket of grass seed is spread, pick up some sticks and add to fire pit.
I am very careful as I vow not to fall but then the thought if I ever fall would rather it be at this
 special home among all that was planted almost 8 years ago and I will not call anyone
will just lay there among my plants and trees.

Still beauty surrounds me and I am pleased but so much not the way it has been in the past.   A lifetime of pleasure working
outside, planting, weeding, pruning and guess dirt is in my veins and my small lawn tractor
sits and 2 years ago on a day like this I would be on it, clearing paths, throwing limbs out of the
way and just riding through the woods.

Young man who helps me - when he wants to has not been here for 2 weeks but know soon he
will want some spending money and will arrive and I will be outside with him actively pointing
at what I want him to do...

My heart wants to walk in the woods but the mind says "not a good idea" the paths
that I made years ago, kept clear are now overgrown and many many limbs covering them.
I vow I will walk them again, clean them up some when someone will walk with me.
When my children and grandchildren visit for some reason they do not love the woods like I do
they walk down my long gravel drive and on the country road.

The small garden by my porch has a special plant that needs some trimming or it will cover the screen.

Noticed in this small area a few plants missing and all of a sudden a big rabbit ran behind
some plants.   Hopefully Callie does not notice and a thought that maybe she (the rabbit) is going to have
Area in the front the same plant is beautiful and not going to trim and let it go where it wants too.

Going inside
for lunch, yesterday bought some corn beef, Munster cheese, special bread and will make a sandwich.


Sallysmom said...

Be very careful when you walk around outside.

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Sallysmom, so careful I am - cane in hand
but just cannot give up...

Tabor said...

Careful and not giving up is a very nice algorithm.

Mitzi said...

Your clematis is so beautiful. I have a new one planted here at our new condo, but it is not doing much growing.
Oh how I wish I was your neighbor! I would clear your paths and clean up your woods for you. I love working in the small area of woods we have behind us here. You and I would walk the paths together.
Be careful and enjoy your days.

Rebecca said...

What an incredibly beautiful clematis!
Such sights to see and enjoy when you cant' be out walking in the woods!
You sketch beautiful pictures with your words.
I think I can read your heart, too..

lil red hen said...

I would also like to clear your paths and walk with you. Now that warmer weather is coming I don't walk in the woods because of snakes and ticks. I have a fear of falling and hitting my head on some of the farmer's junk in the barns. lol

Sandra said...

So wonderful to have a garden and be surrounded by nature. Your clematis are beautiful.

Pienosole said...

Good Morning. I echo what Sandra has written. I've ordered some rose geranium oil as well as lemon eucalyptus to keep away ticks and mosquitoes so I can be closer to nature with less concern. Wishing you sunshine and joy!